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5 Stylish Beach Hats You'll Wear from the Boardwalk to the Bar


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It's almost summer -- which means sunnier days and more time spent outdoors. We're sure you've heard this a thousand times, but it is important to protect your skin from UV rays. When sunscreen isn't enough, sun hats are an extra layer of protection: plus, they can keep your scalp from burning, which is hard to do with traditional sunscreen (as is keeping the sun out of your eyes!). I love the aesthetic of a beach hat while on vacation and love that it adds a layer of shade from the sun. Also, why miss out on the chance to look stylish? The best part about the hats we chose is that they are versatile -- many can be worn for lots of outdoor activities, like beach volleyball or spending a day out on the lake. Plus, caps are perfect for "third-day hair," and bucket hats are a trendy way to keep out of the shade. So go ahead and add one of these stylish options to your beach bag -- you'll get tons of use out of it:

1. An On-Trend Straw Option


FURTALK Sun Hat - Amazon, $21.99+

This fedora (also known as a Panama hat) allows you to be both on trend and protected from UV rays. I love that this hat can be worn at the beach or even at a vineyard. It's shaped with a bucket style wide brim and has a central dent in the crown (which is pinched at the front). There's even a sweatband to keep you cool. This paper straw sun hat will look great with swimwear, beach dresses, and accessories like tote bags. The hat is available in sizes medium and large and offers UPF 50+ protection -- plus, it comes in a number of colors.


2. A Visor Perfect for Beach Volleyball

Ultrafun Sports Sun Visor

Ultrafun Unisex Sports Sun Visor - Amazon, $22.95

Sun visor hats like this one are adjustable, efficient, and still allow you to keep cool because of the opening on top. This visor is made with 100% polyester, so if you are someone who sweats a lot, the quick-dry material is breathable. These come in a wide range of colors and in packs of five or six (which are usually solid colors) -- or you can snag one in a fun tie-dye or metallic finish.

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3. A Cute & Extra-Protective Option

Chok.Lids Bucket Hat


Chok.Lids Bucket Hat - Amazon, $14.99


Whether you plan on going to the beach or have a fishing trip planned, you need this bucket hat. The material is breathable, so your head will stay cool even on those super hot, sunny days -- but it's a more modern take on the bucket hat with it's on-trend colors and finishes. The light denim wash, the pistachio green, and the heathered sunset colors are our faves.

4. This Easy-To-Pack Floppy Hat

 Furtalk Sun Straw Hat

Women's Sun Straw Hat - Amazon, $24.99+

Wide brimmed sun hats are a must-have for tropical vacations. Not only do floppy sun hats protect your skin, but they also create a sense of privacy near your face. This sun protective hat has over 11,000 positive ratings and is a best seller on Amazon. Customers love that this wide brim beach hat is easy to pack because it folds right up. It offers UPF 50+ protection and is available in sizes medium through extra-large.

5. A Unique Baseball Cap That Fits A Ponytail

Funky Junque Baseball Cap

Funky Junque Criss Cross Hat - Amazon, $24.99 


When straw fedoras aren't your thing, you can always fall back on a classic: the baseball hat. The criss-cross design adds a fun and stylish touch, but it's also pragmatic: it allows hair to easily fit through it so you can wear a high ponytail or bun and a cap at the same time. Ponytails, braids, and messy buns -- this hat can handle it all. It also offers just enough UV protection to keep your face shaded while enjoying the summer sun, and is a fantastic pick if you love wearing your hair up in the summer. It comes in a bunch of unique styles and colors, too.

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