Keith Urban Reacts to Viral TikTok Video of Fan Singing 'Till Summer Comes Around'

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There's nothing I love more than finding videos of everyday people showing off their talent. In this case, I was scrolling through Tik-Tok, don't judge me, and I came across this insane video of James Bailey singing his heart out in a gas station in Houma, Louisiana. Uploaded to the account @bearbailey we see just a humble man coming up to the register and starts to singing his heart out. Holding out his popcorn, juice, and Reese's Pieces, the cashier is heard saying " Come on, one time! Keith Urban" to which he happily complies and shows off his wonderful voice.

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Can you imagine just shopping around the Super Serve station, waiting for your slushie to fill up, and then hearing someone belt out a country song out of nowhere? I wish I was there, I would love to see that in real life. I have to give it to him for not hesitating to sing in a public place, that's pretty terrifying. As I was going through his other Tik-Tok videos, his account indeed has several videos of him standing in front of a gas station counter as the cashier requests a song to cover. This is pretty genius if you want to become viral.

According to the HuffPost, Bailey, who has gone by Bear since childhood, has dreamed of becoming a professional singer since he was little. He began posting on Tik-Tok in October 2020 and had just under 140,000 followers before his gas station videos took off on social media. Now he has a whopping 1.4 million followers. He stated, "It's a very humbling feeling. I've sang my entire life, and, you know, I'm 33 and you just get to an age where you kind of give up on your dream because you're like, 'This is never going to happen.'"

This certain viral TikTok video has now been viewed over a million times and has over 25,000 likes. Some of his other country music covers include "Fall" by Clay Walker, " "Best of Intentions" by Travis Tritt, "In Case You Didn't Know" by Brett Young, and "Even Though I'm Leaving" by Luke Combs.

Seeing his talent, Keith Urban retweeted the video on his Twitter with rock hand emojis approving his rendition of "Til Summer Comes Around'. He's also received attention from country artists Teddy Swims and Mickey Guyton. Which one's your favorite?

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Keith Urban Reacts to Viral TikTok Video of Fan Singing 'Till Summer Comes Around'