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15 Prefab Cabins and Container Houses That'll Feel Just Like Home

We should all add architects to our résumés. Weren't we all building forts with our siblings and friends in the living room almost a lifetime ago? Since a young age, we've appreciated the idea of having a small cozy place to escape to. Many years have passed since we were building and designing forts from the original cabin kits— Grandma's kitchen chairs and blankets.

If the idea of having a cozy cabin, container home, or tiny house still resonates with you, here's your chance to pick out your adult fort. A prefabricated cabin would make the perfect addition to your property. A prefabricated cabin often referred to as prefab cabin, can be used for many things. A weekend getaway, home office, a hunting cabin, a guest house, a playroom for your children, storage, you name it.

Prefab Cabin Kits & Log Home Kits

1. Tiny Home: Park Model RV

If there's a loved one in your life working in the oilfield industry, a travel trailer or cabin kit is probably an investment for them. Many oil workers travel for work and often live in compacted trailers or hotels during their time away.

The 399 square-foot Tiny Home RV gives off a farmhouse feel and less of a studio space. It has a wooden interior and is complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and front porch.

2. The Allwood Amanda

What a perfect prefab kiosk for business owners! When road tripping through southern states such as Texas, you'll often see people selling tasty summer treats like homegrown peaches and plums. I grew up buying watermelons and peaches off a truck bed from ranch owners, but this might make transactions easier if lines get long.

3. Two-Story Eco-Friendly Wooden Home

This is not your typical log cabin. Saracen Outdoor's two-story prefabricated home is eco-friendly and has one of the largest floor plans on the prefab cabin market. This wooden home is perfect for those looking for a cabin home with a modern design rather than something traditional. Maybe you can turn this small cabin into an Airbnb area for travelers.

4. Allwood Arlanda

This cabin is 273 square feet. The Allwood Arlanda has space for a bedroom and living room. A prefab cabin like this one from Allwood is ideal for remote workers who need a quiet space away from home. This modular cabin has large windows that allow natural sunlight, so you don't feel completely isolated.

5. Allwood Sommersby

Allwood seems to be a popular prefabricated cabin source on Amazon. Allwood says this is the ideal pool house. I am on board with a pool house for various reasons. If you have guests or children in and out of the pool, this is an ideal place for them to take breaks in.

They can relax, dry off, and eat all of their summertime snacks and meals here without having to worry about a mess in the living room inside your home. You're going to love the extra space!

6. Allwood Mayflower

Another prefabricated cabin from Allwood. This 117-square-foot prefab cabin serves as a garden house. For those with a green thumb, this is ideal for storing plants, tools, and much more.

7. Weizhengheng Expandable Container House with Solar Energy

This is my cabin dream home! My first thought with this modern prefab cabin was Jeep lovers. You can open the top! This modern home design is eco-friendly. It has a roof that can be expanded automatically with a remote control. The solar and wind power top expansion can allow you to catch some vitamin D while relaxing inside.

The shipping costs can be a little pricy, but it's so worth having your own cabin to relax in.

8. Cedarshed Beach House Garden Shed

This 9x6 western house kit is ideal for bookworms. If you need a space to store books, you have enough space for a few shelves and even a comfortable chair or twin bed for reading on. There are even six windows for natural light.

9. Pennfield DIY Playhouse Kit

If you have any little ones in your life, they would practically try to live in this. The Pennfield Playhouse is a great room for kids if they don't have a spare room to have as a designated playroom. This Little Cottage Company Playhouse varies in sizes from a 9x8, with the largest sizes at 11x12.

This is also great for those who would like for their children to be outside with them while they do yard work or hang outside for summertime fun.

10. Dog House Cabin with Porch

We can't forget about our precious fur babies. This cabin design dog house is beyond cute! It has an elevated covered porch perfect for combating cold and hot weather. Your pet will love their tiny home!

The building process will be quick.

11. Allwood Lillevilla Cabin

Forget taking a trip to New York, I want to vacation in this log cabin kit. The patio area on this one is a plus! This cabin design would definitely encourage me to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible before heading into the living area.

It's the perfect area for relaxing with friends and family while grilling. The 292 square-foot Lillevilla cabin also has an upstairs sleep loft.

12. Steel Metal Garage Kit

Duro Steel Buildings has a prefabricated steel arch metal garage ideal for people who may need extra garage space. If you have vehicles, motorcycles, or just need extra storage space, this will come in handy. The extra garage also becomes an indoor space to work on projects such as fixing a truck, art projects, and much more, without having to worry about being in the sun too long. You could also use it as a container home.

13. Tiny House on Wheels: Park Model RV

Made from quality materials, this tiny house on wheels from Bantam Built is a high-end RV trailer. It has five stars, and customers say it is easy to haul with an F-150 and that the small home has a bedroom door. Yay for privacy from the living space area!

14. Duramax Gable Insulated Building

Duramax has a 13x10 multipurpose cabin. Turn this small cabin into a tiny home, guest house, storage, or a DIY room for arts and crafts.

15. Weizhengheng Duramax Gable

The Weizhengheng expandable container home has a spacious living space and is equipped with a toilet. This modular home could be a summer hang out for your kids and their friends. Throw a pool table and some board games in here, and this could be their new retreat so you can keep the house quiet. It'll be their own tiny home!

Make cabin plans because there's plenty of ways to use prefabricated cabins, container homes, and tiny homes. These modern designs differ from the traditional log cabin homes we are used to seeing, but these high-quality materials make fantastic homes, offices, and much more.

If you've always wanted a home away from home, or to be the house where your friends and family always want to hang out at, these prefab homes are the way to go.

This post was originally published on June 7, 2019.

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