15 Cozy Barn Homes You Wish You Could Live In


Barns are typically on beautiful plots of land and resting in open fields. Who wouldn't want to live in one? Well, most people - they're terribly uncomfortable and not suitable for living in. However, some brilliant folks thought they'd change that.

These barn homes have given house flipping a whole new meaning. Don't be fooled by their humble wooden walls - these homes are legit. Some are even luxurious.

1. The highest ceilings around

2. You'll have to Windex your balcony, but it's worth it.


3. Rustic and glamorous



4. There is no such thing as too much white

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5. A modern spin on a classic barn


6. The classic red barn house

7. The perfect summer patio

8. Just keep the livestock downstairs


9. Windows on windows are always the way to go.

10. Add a porch and there you have it

11. Perfect vaulted ceilings 

The horses are definitely getting the boot from this luxury barn.


12. The urban barn home

13. Huge windows for extra light

Sometimes barns can be lacking in light - not anymore.

14. Just a typical barn... of total perfection

15. Open land for miles

Talk about a place of solitude.

This article was originally published in 2016.

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