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Couple Builds Incredible Container Home in the Redwoods

YouTube/Kirsten Dirksen

Alternative housing is very on trend right now. More and more people are choosing to living in unique homes (think barn and cave homes) instead of cookie-cutter houses. Here's a unique option that you may not have thought about before: a shipping container home! It sounds strange, but prepare to be amazed by this story by Kirsten Dirksen about a couple who built an amazing shipping container in the California Redwoods.

Kam Kasravi and Connie Dewitt were looking to build a cabin in the middle of the Redwoods, but after realizing they wouldn't be able to get prefab supplies up the road to the build site, they settled on a different idea. They instead asked their architect friend, David Fenster of Modulus, to build them a house made from shipping containers. Only eight feet wide, the containers were small enough to get to the build site without disrupting the trees.

With a minimal ecological footprint, the Santa Cruz mountain home is constructed from hand-picked shipping containers. A concrete structure that the couple calls "the shower tower" doubles as a support beam and an outdoor shower. There is a four-foot-wide grated bridge that they run through the floor and ceiling of the upper level. It provides for a wonderful view of the woods outside while also adding more room to the living space.

The open interior layout makes the home feel larger than it really is. The design of the kitchen is especially impressive. Even though the kitchen is only eight feet wide, it looks so much more spacious than that.

The upstairs features a bedroom for the couple that can be closed off, a full bathroom and a little nook that houses a bunk bed for their kids. The architect did not waste a single inch when designing this shipping container home. In some areas, they have even left the original steel flooring exposed which only adds to the charm of the place.

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Couple Builds Incredible Container Home in the Redwoods