Amazon DIY Guesthouse

This DIY Backyard Guesthouse From Amazon Can Be Built in an Afternoon

Honestly, one of the best things about Amazon is that you can order literally anything you could think of. House plants, furniture, groceries, hair name it, everyone's favorite online retailer has totally got it. And now you could snag this tiny house that would make the perfect DIY guesthouse in your backyard.

There's actually plenty of things you could do with the 172 square feet that come with this Allwood Solvalla space. You could make a little home office,  maybe a pool house (if you just have a massive backyard with extra space not taken up by your pool), or even just a garden house hang out space with a grill on the patio. But our favorite option is definitely the backyard guesthouse.

The best part of having your own guesthouse is that guests can have their own space when they come in to visit. And this studio cabin kit is so easy to use, Amazon estimates you can get the entire thing constructed in eight hours between two adults. That's less time than it can take some couples to agree on a paint color. You've got this!

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One thing to note is that while there are minimal tools needed to get your house up, there are a few things you'll still need to get separately. You don't get roof shingles or foundation materials, but that will only run you an extra $300. And with this structure running just over $7k online, that's quite a steal for an entire house. Also note that you'll need to add air conditioning if you have guests coming during the hot months. Don't make your mother-in-law sleep in the heat next Mother's Day, just grab a window unit.

Now, I'm not saying you'll be running your own Airbnb anytime soon, but having the extra space in your backyard will totally make your life easier. Plus you can use it as an office when people aren't in town. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Buy this guesthouse here.

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