Best Indoor Succulents

7 Must-Have Succulents to Turn Your Home into a Houseplant Wonderland

Indoor succulents are an ideal house plant because most of them require minimal maintenance, making them easy to keep around. They are also visually attractive and, like most plants, will help freshen the air around them.

These seven indoor succulents are super low-maintenance and are the perfect way to turn your home into a green wonderland. Your friends will be so impressed by your green thumb and no one has to know how little effort you're putting in!

1. Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Also known as Panda Plant, this plant is recognizable for its fuzzy green leaves. Put these little plants in medium to bright light, facing windows for the best conditions. You can even move them outside in the warm months as long as you block them from direct sunlight. The fuzzy appearance makes them an adorable addition to your home.

2. Aloe Vera

An Aloe Vera is one of the most popular indoor plants for a reason. Not only is it incredibly easy to care for (and almost impossible to kill), but it freshens the air, and you can even use its leaves for skincare or healing remedies. Make sure it's placed in bright light to really thrive. You only need to water every 2-4 weeks too, but make sure the water gets through the drainage holes (watering in the sink helps).

3. Beaucarnea Recurvata (Ponytail Palm)

This little succulent tree needs to be in full sun. It's perfect to put right next to a window make sure you're using sandy soil with infrequent waterings. Put them in a small pot because if planted outdoors, these little guys could grow as high as 30 feet.

4. Crassula Ovata (Jade Plant)

Make sure you choose a deep pot for these succulent plants because the jade plants tend to grow top heavy and fall over. They are super easy to take care of — just make sure they are in full or partial sun, and you keep their soil consistently moist (but not too wet).

5. Sansevieria Trifasciata

Also known as Snake Plant or mother-in-law's tongue, the best part about these plants is they can thrive in indirect light. If you have a little low light corner of your home that needs an extra something, the Snake Plant is definitely it. They can take care of themselves unattended for weeks at a time. Make sure you use a free draining soil because these plants can quickly rot.

6. Zebra Plant

Originating in Brazil, this tropical plant is recognizable by its large green leaves with a stripy appearance from the white veins. Make sure it gets enough light but never in direct sunlight. Bright filtered light will do the trick. Use rich organic potting mix and ensure that it never dries out to keep the plant consistently moist.

7. Sedum Morganianum 

Also known as a Burro's Tail, this succulent is native to Mexico and perfect for a hanging planter basket. Put them in partial to full shade; while they can make it outside, they can also thrive inside with enough indirect light.

This post was originally posted on February 25, 2019.

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