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How to Make the Perfect Tire Swing for Your Backyard

Whether it hangs from a weeping willow, swing set, or over a river, tire swings have always been a summertime essential.

A perfect tire swing, though hard to come by, can lend itself to hours of entertainment and relaxation. If your backyard is a bit barren at the moment and you aren't sure where to start in terms of building a tire swing, fear not.

One handy YouTuber has shared the secret to crafting the perfect tire swing and his video is so helpful that it has garnered over 18,000 views.

Necessary materials for this project include rope, an old bicycle tube, electrical tape, a drill, knife, metal washers, a rope clamp, metal nuts and of course- a tire.

The builder made an effort to keep this swing safe for kids; there are no chains used and all of the metal parts are hidden inside the tire. The video is extremely easy to follow and includes step-by-step demonstration. Check it out below.

As the builder points out at the end of the video, the swing is very safe because there are no "pinch points" for fingers to get stuck in. The swing is also easy to inspect. It's important to check for worn parts and make any necessary repairs and adjustments to the swing on a regular basis. Happy swinging!

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How to Make the Perfect Tire Swing for Your Backyard