How to Make a Playground From Recycled Tires

You've replaced the tires on your truck, car, or tractor. Now what? What should you do with the old tires? Repurpose them. Recycled tires are perfect for cheap and easy backyard fun. With a little work, and almost no cost, you can create a fun and unique playground all the neighborhood kids will want to enjoy.

Teeter Totter

Tire teeter totter WOC

You can get two of these out of just one tire. Cut the tire in half. Add a board and handles. Paint whatever design and colors you like. This piece can be especially nice for younger kids. By using a smaller tire, you can create a teeter totter that is low to the ground. It will be easier for the little ones to use than many larger teeter totters at the park.

Obstacle Course

tire course
Flickr/Brandon Grasley

What kid doesn't love an obstacle course? Over, under, through. Tires positioned in various ways, painted fun colors and secured in place can form a great obstacle course. Or, go with the traditional army-style tire stepping course.

Tire obstacle course WOC
Flickr/Matthew Bellemare

Tire Ladder

tire ladder WOC
Flickr/Bill Barber

If you already have a swing set, make it more interesting and fun with a tire ladder. It might even be less intimidating for the younger kids than a traditional ladder.

A tire ladder could also lead to a tree house, or simply aid in tree climbing.


tire sandbox
Flickr/F Delventhal

Paint the tire. Add sand. Or, just add sand. It's that simple. Tractor tires work best for this one, since you'll want a bigger play area. Although, another option is to combine several smaller tires.

Tire Jungle Gym

tire jungle gym
Flickr/Eric Lewis

Pile them up. This will be much cheaper than a store-bought jungle gym. Paint the tires for additional flare. The tires can be various sizes or all the same. Arrange them how you want to make various climbing levels. Bolt them together for stability and safety. Add kids. They'll have years of fun crawling all over your climber, at a fraction of the usual cost of a backyard play set.


Of course, there's always the classic tire swing. For this, you can go simple, or go cowboy. If your kid would prefer a hobby horse to a tire tube, try this. It takes a bit of work to create, but it's so darn cute!

Tire horse WOC

Instructions for making this pony can be found here.

Try one or two of these ideas for some creative backyard fun. Combine them all for a complete DIY playground the kids will love.

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How to Make a Playground From Recycled Tires