Tornadoes 2019

Texas Hit With More Tornadoes Than Any Other State in 2019

This year has been particularly frightening for states in tornado alley. Texas alone has been hit by over 140 tornadoes so far this year, more than any other state in the U.S.

Fox 4 News reports that just last week, 11 tornadoes hit North Texas. To put that into perspective, North Texas gets an average of 25 tornadoes per year. There have been nearly three times as many tornadoes in 2019 than last year, when 52 twisters were recorded.

Over 1,000 tornadoes have been recorded in the U.S. so far this year, with many states surpassing their yearly average before tornado season is even over.

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Based on the frequency of tornadoes per square mile, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas top the list.

Earlier this year, AccuWeather released their weather observations, predicting a rise in tornadoes. The report estimated a total of 1,075 tornadoes this year.

Following Texas in the count is Missouri and Kansas (with 87), Mississippi (85), Oklahoma (83), Alabama (75), Georgia (53), Louisiana (48) and Arkansas (24).

If a tornado hits your area seek shelter in a basement, a bathtub, under a heavy table or desk, or in a closet and stay away from windows. Never take shelter on a second floor.

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