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Keep Your Home's Swimming Hole Clean and Clear With This Top-Rated Pool Salt

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Having a personal swimming pool is a treasure, especially during the hottest days of summer. Growing up, my family lived a few years in a house with an in-ground pool. Those pool days always felt like so much fun as a kid, but what comes back to me now is the memory of stinging red eyes caused by the super-high chlorine levels from our pool shock treatment. My parents always bought chlorine tablets from the pool store. I wonder if they even knew pool salt was an option?

When my folks were thinking about different types of pools, they were probably going between an above-ground or in-ground pool. These days, there is so much more to pool systems. Pool owners have to consider the value of traditional chlorine pools versus saltwater pools.

If you're working with a saltwater system, then you need a high-quality clarifier to help balance your swimming hole's alkalinity and pH. In that case, Morton's is the sodium chloride for your pool.

Salt Water Pools

Although saltwater pools are not chlorine-free, the way that salt chlorinator filters create algaecide is different and much more gentle. Known as "salt cells," these devices use a process called electrolysis to convert table salt into chlorine that eliminates algae and bacteria. To add salt to a pool, you must have one of these conversion devices. Once you do, the price of pool maintenance can drop dramatically. If you don't, then you'll end up with really salty water.

PoolCareSchool.com says that the best way to keep your pool costs low is to be careful not to overwork the salt water chlorinator. Always remember to double-check your salt levels with test strips before adding in any pool chemicals. Then, use Morton's Salt to keep your saltwater pool filter running clean and clear.

Best Pool Salt

EasyGoProducts Spas - 40 Pounds Morton Pool Salt Bag - High Purity & Fast Dissolving Salt Chlorine Generator, White

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You might be using Morton's salt to scour your favorite cast iron pan or to cook up tonight's dinner. But did you know the same salt is also a line of pool supplies? There are several great reasons why you should use this brand as your salt of choice.

This 40-pound bag of Morton's is a pool cleaner's dream. The amount of salt you'll need for your swimming hole will vary by parts-per-million (ppm), depending on how many gallons of water are in your pool. That conversion is specific and different for every pool owner. However, reviewer Charlie Y. was pleased with how well this salt dissolved in their home swimming hole:

Morton prioritizes easy dissolvability in their pool salt. The sodium crystals disappear in 3 minutes and have a solubility of 99.7%. This is a pool cleaner that won't leave any clouds or graininess in your backyard oasis— just pure, clear water. Plus, no red eyes!

Sometimes, pool salt is used in other home appliances, like the water softener. One thing to note is that Morton's Pool Salt is not recommended for use in your home's water softener. However, make sure to use it in your pool, and you're bound to get "perfect results" like, just like this reviewer:

EasyGoProducts Spas - 40 Pounds Morton Salt Bag - High Purity & Fast Dissolving Salt Chlorine Generator, White

If you're looking for quick-to-dissolve salt that will leave your water cleaner than before, this is the stuff you need. The high purity of Morton's salt makes maintaining your pool a breeze, which is important because your pool was made for relaxing, not stressing over.

I've never seen an above-ground saltwater pool, but some reviewers mentioned that this product worked just fine in theirs. Other reviewers noted how convenient it is to have pool supplies delivered right to your door.

No matter how you swim, give this salt a try for the freshest pool experience there is. Enjoy your summer and keep your splash zone clean with Morton's Pool Salt.

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