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Inflatable Couches: 3 Best Picks for the Backyard, Pool and Indoors

Is inflatable furniture the way of the future? It's very possible as having an air couch is just as convenient as it is versatile. Need some extra seating out by the pool this weekend? Whip out your air sofa from the garage and your guests will have plenty of room to lounge. How about a place to lie down at the park? An inflatable lounge seat or couch is the perfect solution.

These three inflatable sofas are not only affordable but very easy to use and transport depending on your needs.

Best Inflatable Couches

1. Best Inflatable Backyard Couch

These inflatable loungers are honestly so easy to use, everyone should have a few ready to go in their backyard for easy lounging. It's pretty foolproof to blow up since there's no pump required. All you need to use is the wind and voila. An instant inflatable couch to get cozy on in the yard. It's so cozy you'll think you're relaxing in a high-quality hammock. These are also perfect to take with you as a beach chair, a lounge chair in the park, or even outdoor camping since they take up close to no space before they are inflated. It's almost like a really easy-to-use air bed that you can inflate wherever you want due to its super convenient portability.

2. Best Inflatable Pool Couch

If we're talking inflatable couches, you definitely need one for your pool as well. Who needs an inflatable chair when you can get this pool couch that seats three people? It comes with a high back and three pillows so there's a built-in headrest while you soak in some sun in the pool. Not to mention, it comes with a battery-operated air pump so you'll be ready to go in no time.

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3. Best Inflatable Indoor Couch

It's almost hard to believe that this Intex inflatable couch isn't a real couch since it comes with armrests, a backrest, and can fit four people. This sectional sofa is perfect for your living room, game room, basement, and more as an alternative to bean bag chairs or futons. Talk about an ideal alternative to an air mattress for when family and friends come to stay because this looks like it would be a really comfortable sofa bed. The top surface is also waterproof so this would be a great option to take on a camping trip since it's easy to deflate and its 2-in-1 valve ensures fast inflation with the help of an electric pump.

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