Everything You Need to Keep Your Pool Clean This Summer


Is there anything better than owning a swimming pool? That glistening water is waiting for you after a long day of work in the summer heat and your house is the most popular spot on the block for backyard pool parties and poolside hangouts. Pools are pretty much the best summertime luxury...until it comes time to clean them.

Thankfully, pool maintenance doesn't have to be a grueling task. Beteen robotic pool cleaners and a bevy of other pool & spa maintenance supplies, you can clean your pool and be back in the water before you can say "Marco Polo"!

Here are 12 pool cleaning tools to keep inground pools and above ground pools sparkly clean all summer long.

1.  XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum Pool Cleaner In-Ground Aboveground Complete Hose Set



If you're looking for an eco-friendly automatic pool cleaner that's simple to use, this swimming pool vacuum is a winner.

"Best suction cleaner. This inexpensive tool does the job," reads one review. "After fighting for years with the pressure cleaners, this vacuum cleaner is a blessing. Often, the pressure cleaners can't climb the walls, but this one will. I highly recommend this device."

Great for both in-ground or above-ground swimming pools, you can't go wrong with this vac.




Greenco Pool Brush Heavy Duty Aluminum Back Extra Wide 20" with EZ Clip and Strong Bristles for Cleaning Pool Floor & Wall

This 20-inch wall brush is one heavy duty swimming pool cleaner. With durable bristles and a lightweight feel, the brush allows you to scrub down pool walls and pool bottoms without struggling with a heavy, hard-to-handle brush.

"Heavy duty but lightweight pool brush. Attaches easily to pole," One reviewer writes. "This brush is much lighter than my previous one and I can easily brush down the pool walls and bottom with ease."



Pool Skimmer Mesh Net

Looking for a perfect leaf skimmer? For dealing with pesky leaves and other debris, this pool skimmer mesh net is a must.

"As a 30 year pool owner I love this net, so much so that I bought this one as a spare/backup," one reviewer writes.


Basket for Pool Skimmer

This affordable skimmer basket is ideal for keeping pools clean.


"These baskets are wonderful since they are sturdy and weighted and the handles come up above the water line for easy access," writes one reviewer. "These are a great value for the quality of product. I would purchase these again. You should always measure the baskets for your needs since they seem to come in different sizes. These are for the average in-ground pool."

Mainstays Floating Beach Ball Pool Chlorinator, 10", 6 Tier Adjusters, Multi-colors

How cute is this chlorinator? It allows you to control the levels of chlorine in your pool and keep your pool water clean while looking like a classic beach ball.

"This chlorine dispenser is THE BEST ever!!! It holds a three inch chlorine tablet in circumference and it will hold 3 on top of each other. This saves time from my old dispensers which only held one," reads one review.  "This dispenser will float perfectly in the water. I have tried to turn it over, picked it up many times to see how it would react and every single time it will smooth out and stand straight so as only the top beach ball is above water. It is so easy to load. The beach ball on top just screws apart from the base, load it with your tablets, screw it back on and it's ready to go. It really looks like you have a smaller beach ball floating on the water. It is made of a harder plastic but not the kind that the chlorine eats away at. I have used many different "cute" dispensers over the years and by far this is the best I've ever had. I have had it in my pool now for 2 months and it looks as though I just bought it today. Durable enough enough that I'm not worried about the grandkids putting it out of the pool and breaking. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new dispenser, I'm in love with it after owning many others. Would buy again in a heartbeat!"



Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool Type A or C Filter Replacement Cartridges (2 Pack)

Pool filters are essential when it comes to keeping your pool clean and these filter cartridges are a breeze to use.

"These filters are reliable and easy to rinse clean for all summer use," one review reads.

Intex 15' Round Frame Above Ground Pool Debris Cover with Drain Holes

Keep your above ground pool debris-free with this pool cover.

"This is my second cover, like this. In the spring there was very little cleaning to get the pool open," writes one reviewer.


HTH Super Shock Pool Shock Treatment, 1 lb Granule Bags, 6 ct

This HTH Super Shock Treatment will keep your indoor and outdoor pools bacteria and algae-free this summer.

"This is a great product. If your pool water is turning green throw this in and run your pump and the next day you will see a big difference," one reviewer writes. "Makes the water crystal clear."

Hayward W3900 - Suction Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner- Limited Warranty

This above ground pool cleaner is adorable and even comes with an equally cute name: Wanda the Whale. Even better? Wanda is seriously effecient. This pool cleaner will clean your pool in about 4 to 6 hours.



Clorox Pool & Spa 3-Way Test Kit

Keep your pool clean this summer with this 3-way test kit from Clorox. The kit tests for pH, chlorine and bromine and comes with "simplified, color coded reagents for reliable poolside testing."

Mainstays 14ft Swimming Pool Aluminum Blue and Silver Telescopic Pole


This sturdy telescopic pole allows you to skim or brush all those hard-to-reach places in your pool. You can attach the pool pole to a variety of pool cleaning products.

"This is a great telescoping pole," one reviewer writes. "It's sturdy metal and plastic and is adaptable to many different heads. Currently, we are using it for our vacuum head. It works great and collapses down to a size that fits-in with the rest of our gear. No complaints. Perfect product."


Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit for Use with 18' Diameter or Larger Pools

This deluxe pool cleaning kit includes includes a 24' x 7" hose that attaches to your pool's outlet connector, a powerful vacuum with two interchangeable heads, a filter, 110" telescoping aluminum shaft, two scrub brush heads and a mesh debris skimmer net.


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