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10 Award-Worthy Cocktail Pairings for Every 2024 Oscar Best Picture Nominee

From pink-hued mixers to classic whisky concoctions, these drink recipes were made for award season.

As kids, our beverage of choice for movie-watching was a large, sticky soda we had to beg our moms for at the concession stand. But gone are the days of animated characters and sugar rushes. We're grown-ups now. We're watching critically acclaimed films with layers of subtext and timed bathroom breaks. We deserve a fancier drink to pair with our fancier cinematic experience.

With the 96th Oscars just around the corner — broadcasting live on Sunday, March 10 at 7 p.m. EDT — many of us are catching up on the major motion pictures up for what is arguably the most coveted award of awards season: Best Picture.

A total of 10 films made the shortlist of Best Picture nominees, and what better way to honor each one than creating a cocktail pairing worthy of an Oscar itself? If you're hosting a viewing party, you could make a big batch of whichever drink you think is taking home the golden statuette or impress your guests by offering a variety of libations they must match to the nominated films they're rooting for. Bonus points if you have this year's Best Song nominees playing as well.

Even if you're watching solo, these drinks are easy enough to make that you can whip one up before pressing "play" on the award-winning movie of your choice. So read on to find the perfect drink to pair with each Best Picture nominee.

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