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People Are Auctioning Mountain Dew Violet on eBay, and Not at Retail Price

Anyone who has ever taken a sip out of the Baja Blast from Taco Bell knows that the marketing team at Mountain Dew is not throwing basic flavor ideas out in the conference room. The dew flare, dark berry, and code red weren't just Mountain Dew with hints of cherry of vanilla. Mountain Dew soda is a visionary in the world of soft drinks. I mean, have you checked out the new Mountain Dew Violet flavor?

Now what does this flavor taste like? I've read reviews, and it sounds like it tastes like a strong grape flavor times 20. It is a limited edition soda from Japan. If you're wondering where you can find it, your best bet is eBay. I'm sure the starting bids are ridiculous for a 12 fl oz can.

The original Mountain Dew flavor is basically Sprite times 10. If you're not big on lemon lime soda you might think the taste is a bit excessive, but that's what makes Mountain Dew so great. If you love the original Mountain Dew, you'll probably agree with my take.

If you're truly intrigued by the Mountain Dew Violet soda, check out this YouTuber's taste test. He drank Mountain Dew Violet, then compared it to grape flavored soda. He basically says that regular grape soda tastes like a popsicle, and that Mountain Dew's Violet flavor tastes like how a grape soda should taste.

My guess is that it tastes like a wonderful combination of Mountain Dew Kickstart flavors, black cherry and raspberry citrus. I'm kind of upset I missed out in this MTN DEW flavor, but there's always Mountain Dew VooDew to fall back on. Can't forget about Slurpees either! Going to your local 7-Eleven without grabbing a Game Fuel Freeze is like going into Target and not buying an Icee.

In the mean time, I'll keep a lookout for new limited time flavors.

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