Forget Grape Jelly, Gin & Tonic Marmalade Is Here

Don't knock it 'til you try it is just as true today as the first time it was ever spoken. When it comes to gin, many folks either love it and leave it, preferring not to drink something that can taste like a pine tree. However, if you love gin (like me!), then you know that each flavor and variety of gin is like drinking a taste of the region it was created, much like wine. So you might be surprised to learn that gin and tonics are getting reborn in new ways. First we saw gin and tonic tea, and now we have Gin & Tonic Marmalade.

Here to rescue any boozy brunch from a boring jam, Firebox decided to create a spreadable Gin & Tonic Marmalade that is perfect for warm English muffins or even Momma's homemade biscuits. The award-winning gin preserve is suitable for vegetarians and features sugar, lemons, water, gin, quinine extract, essential oils, and citric acid. The quinine extract brings the flavor of tonic water to the London retailer's new take on orange marmalade.

Made with 3 percent artisan gin, the gin is cooked off during the cooking process so it won't leave you with a crippling hangover. Food news just gets more and more exciting each day, and if you thought orange marmalade was delicious, you'll have to give this a try.

So how can you use the tonic jam? The seriously versatile gourmet ingredient actually goes with anything. Spread it over hot buttered toast for a cucumber sandwich, cook it into Asian stir-fries with chicken or pork, dollop it onto a bowl of ice cream, or simply eat the gin marmalade by the spoonful. Unfortunately this booze-infused preserve can't be shipped to the United States yet, but make sure to ask your friends abroad to send one over for you.

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