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Pickle Juice Soda is Every Pickle Lover's Favorite Pop

Pickles are just a magical thing. Whether you're trying pickle ice pops or pickle vodka, the health benefits of pickles are what brings people back to the fermented jars every week and the grocery store. For those who just relish the taste of pickle juice, the latest concoction from Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop will be a big dill: Pickle Juice Soda.

The store, with three locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio, is now stocking 12-ounce glass bottles of the stuff for $2.65 a pop. However, if you can't make the trip, Grandpa Joe's will ship it to your front door for the pretty penny of $9.99 per bottle. You can also find it online at Soda Emporium for just $2.99 per bottle, without the shipping fees from Grandpa Joe's. Could a six-pack of dill pickle juice soda be the perfect gift for your favorite pickle lover?

Believe it or not, demand has been out the door, and shipped orders could take between five and 10 days to make their way from the Midwest. The power of the pickle and the excitement around this soda is basically a lifestyle. Many say the soda tastes spot-on, and has even helped satisfy a pickle craving or two along the way for a real pickle fan.

While you could pay the price for pickle juice soda to get those health benefits, you could also try cooking with pickle juice. In fact, In-N-Out's sauce has a secret ingredient that makes all the difference. Of course, that's not all pickles appear in, apart from the pickled pop. Did you know people love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches?

This isn't Grandpa Joe's first foray into the world of weird and wild flavors in his candy stores in western Pennsylvania. They also stock items like bacon-flavored frosting and macaroni and cheese-scented air fresheners.

Would ever try this new soda? The carbonation with tangy pickle juice on your taste buds tastes delicious. Of course if you're not into the idea of pure cane sugar and pickle juice together, maybe this gallon of pickle juice is for you to make your own pickle popsicles at home.

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