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Do You Order from the Most Popular Pizza Chains in Your State?

If there is one food we can all agree upon, it's pizza. The pizza itself, however, can cause a riff in a relationship. There's the argument about what's better between deep dish, wood-fired, thin crust, and New York style. Then there's the decision between each and every topping combination you could possibly put on your pie. Even if you take out all the ingredient and crust options, there's still the location itself. While we may not all have access to a stellar hole-in-the-wall location, we do have the luxury of chains. And each chain has its own following.

When it comes to the fast food of pizza, do you prefer Domino's? Or are you a Pizza Hut person? Depending upon your hunger, your choice may be a factor of convenience rather than flavor. Like Starbucks on every corner, pizza chains have popped up in every corner of the nation. The chain, however, can be as regional as your beer.

Using a 10-mile radius, this map shows where the nearest pizza chain is across the nation. One look and there is no doubt that Pizza Hut is everywhere. More so heavily in the Midwest to the East Coast, but still there's a good chance you can encounter a Pizza Hut within the next 10 miles.

Cici's on the other hand isn't quite so popular. With no locations showing in the northwest, they are pretty much scattered from Texas to the east. To see how they pair against one another, take a look:

Poor Chuck E. Cheese's don't even stand a chance despite providing hours of entertainment and cheap beer for adults. Domino's, on the other hand, is certainly right up there with Pizza Hut when it comes to numbers. However, the presence of Godfather's in the Midwest is strong enough to give them a run for there money. Papa John's takes over the East, but falls flat in the West. And while I may have grown up on Papa Murphy's takeout and mall-filled ventures of Sbarro in California, they are among the few.

And what about Little Caesar's? While you can debate flavors and preference until your heart's content, there is no denying that you can't beat a $5 Little Caesar's "pizza pizza". Come to think of it, I haven't stocked the fridge, so I may need to swing by for dinner.

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