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Moon Drop Grapes Are a Strange But Delicious New Craze

Don't let the gravity-defying shape turn you away, these Moon Drops Grapes pack in a killer table-grape flavor. Grown by The Grapery in Bakersfield, California, these tubular-shaped grapes are the newest grape to the company, joining their unique cotton candy grapes, gum drops and tear drops.

At first glance, it looks as if these moon drop grapes have accidentally melted from the sun. However, this new yummy grape is far from being an accident, and have been cultivated and bred without additives, infusions or GMOs. These grapes were developed by Jack Pandol at the Grapery and International Fruit Genetics company geneticist David Cain.  Their goal was to make available new types of fruit, creating varieties that were more flavorful and more resilient for shipping and stocking.


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Available from August to November (Perfect to eat during the Halloween season!), the limited- time moon drop grape is crisp enough to be snapped in half, revealing a green seedless interior. The funky shape of the grapes has universal appeal because they are just so striking. Can you imagine finding a few of these on a cheese plate alongside your classic green grapes or black seedless grapes?

What Do Moon Drop Grapes Taste Like?

This unique grape variety is known for its crisp texture and its sweet, juicy flavor, making them perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or an addition to a fruit salad.

The reason these grapes are so delicious is actually the way The Grapery grows their own grapes. Extensive care is taken care of the grapevines when there are large amounts of rainfalls, even adding plastic covers to avoid the rain. This, in turn, allows the grapes to stay longer in the sun, reaching their peak ripeness, sweet flavor and tubular shape. These tasty dark purple to black grapes are also bursting with antioxidants and manganese, making them as nutritional as they are striking.

You can find these grapes now by checking out your local grocery store, including H-E-B, Whole Foods, Kroger and Sam's Club. You can also check this online finder tool at Grapery, which allow you to search for grapes and see where they're available near you. Whether you're curious about this new exotic grape with its strange, finger-like appearance or you think that it would be an aesthetic addition to your tried-and-true cheeseboard, we highly recommend adding these fun grapes to your fruit repertoire when they're in season.

Restaurants such as the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club and the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe have been using the moon drop grape on their menus due to their shape, flavor, and their ability to pair beautifully with mint, endive, blue cheese, pork and duck. Are you considering a Thanksgiving charcuterie board? These would be the perfect addition!

Black seedless moon drops grape or Witch fingers grape in basket

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Moon drop grapes aren't the only unusual grape variety coming out of The Grapery. Their unique cotton candy grapes taste like the real thing-and it's purely natural.

Pop one of these grapes in your mouth and close your eyes, you can practically feel yourself back at the county fair.

Another unique grape The Grapery has cultivated is Tear Drops. Shaped like a tear, these grapes are juicy and fun to eat. Formally known as "witch finger grapes" these fruits were rebranded due to the nature of their former name "grossed people out". They are available from July through August.

Will you branch out and try one of these wacky grapes, or will you stick to your regular apple at lunch? The flavor promise of the Cotton Candy Grapes alone has us wanting to see if the flavor pops just like it should.

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This post was originally published on July 15, 2020.

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