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The 30 Best Yankee Candle Scents, Ranked

I'm a firm believer in the fact that there is no such thing as having too many candles around. My boyfriend fully supports the two dedicated cabinets I have devoted to storing candles (jk he's not a big fan). My holiday collection alone could light a cathedral. I have giant candles, tiny candles, large jar candles, wick tumbler candles. It's all here. I don't just have candles; I have candle accessories.

I grew up always having candles lit throughout the house and love the effect it has on a home. Not only is it visually relaxing, but the smells also bring something extra. Especially seasonal scents throughout the year. They're like holiday lights that also smell good! What's not to love? You're just some frosty gingerbread and cranberry chutney away from a full-on Christmas wonderland.

Yankee Candle Company is, personally, incredibly nostalgic for me. These were the first candles I started buying with my own money. I used to go to their store in the mall and just smell everything (as any candle connoisseur should). From black cherry to sea salt, as sure as wax melts, these scents are all going in my nose. This company, which was founded in 1969, has scents for anyone and any time of year. Despite all of the options (it's so hard to choose!), we've rounded up 12 of the best Yankee Candle scents that everyone needs to experience, from new arrivals to old favorites.

1. Autumn Wreath


I'm a big fan of fall candles because of how long you get to burn them. From September (or end of August if you just can't wait like me) through November, my house smells like apple pumpkin, apple cider, autumn leaves, and a million other fall scents. So I love to light up a warm scent like the Autumn Wreath candle. With hints of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and just a touch of apple and woody vanilla, this candle is a must for cool fall nights or the crisp morning air of autumn. It smells of the season and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time you light it up.

2. Christmas Cookie


Cookie scented candles can be tricky. It's easy for them to smell too sugary. But Yankee Candle perfectly captures the warmth and magic of a Christmas Cookie in this candle scent. Lighting this up instantly fills your home the same way a filled cookie sheet in the oven would. The creamy vanilla bean, cinnamon, sugar, and buttercream notes make this candle perfect for the holiday season and one of my all-time favorites.

3. Clean Cotton

Everyone needs a clean candle scent in their home. The floral and woody undertones with just a hint of lemon make this charming scent the perfect addition to your living room or kitchen for a simple, clean scent. If you don't understand what "clean" could smell like, it's this candle. Don't worry, it doesn't smell like a load of fresh laundry, and it isn't a cliche like Bahama Breeze.

4. Balsam & Cedar

It's safe to call this Christmas Tree in a jar. If you've ever smelled a woodsy candle that just smelled like a pile of sticks, give it another shot with Balsam and Cedar. The pine balsam, cedar, and sandalwood are accented with vanilla and a touch of citrus to make this the perfect woodsy scent. Perfect for the holidays or anytime the weather cools down, light this up, and instantly make your home feel warm and cozy.

5. Lavender Vanilla

Lavender is one of those essential scents that you need in the form of a candle. Its calming scent is perfect for lighting up before bed or to accompany a relaxing bath. This particular scent includes warm vanilla with musk and bergamot alongside the lavender for the perfect calming scent profile. Don't worry if you're more of a chocolate layer cake kind of girl, you'll love this vanilla.

6. Macintosh

You might think an apple scented candle sounds odd, but the Macintosh scent is just delicious (pun intended). Grapefruit, clove, and musk undertones make this candle perfect for any time of year and can almost make you taste the juicy fruit every time you light it up.

7. Strawberry Lemon Ice

Does this candle smell like a popsicle or your favorite margarita mixer? You decide! Either way, it makes me crave a frozen strawberry treat.

8. Midsummer's Night

When I first came across this candle in the store, I had no idea what this would smell like. What scent captures "Midsummer's Night"? Strangely enough, this candle does. This woody sage, musk, and patchouli-scented candle is the definition of a candle you could light year-round. It smells a touch masculine in the best way possible. It's addicting. Once you buy your first jar, you won't stop.

9. Fresh Cut Roses

I wasn't a big fan of floral candles until I smelled Fresh Cut Roses. There's a reason this Yankee Candle scent is a best seller. It really does smell just like you walked into a rose garden in your living room. The fresh scent is a must try and perfect if you're looking for a simple but crowd-pleasing candle.

10. Sun and Sand

One of my favorite parts about lighting candles is how nostalgic the scents can be. Sun and Sand makes me think of weekends at the lake or even special family trips to the ocean. An excellent summer candle, the floral and citrus scents make you feel the sand between your toes and the salty breeze in the air.

11. Sage & Citrus

I'm a big fan of sage and how its earthy scent manages to smell homey. This particular candle adds in some citrus, lavender, and musk to make the ultimate herbaceous candle. An excellent kitchen candle, I always find myself coming back to this scent.

12. Spiced Pumpkin

Everyone needs a pumpkin candle (obviously), and this is one of the best. The pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon combine to make it smell like you brought Fall into your living room. Light this up as you get cozy on the couch with a piece of pumpkin pie during the holiday season.

13. Autumn Leaves

Here's another fall scented candle I can't live without. Pomegranate and orange is a citrusy smell I recommend to friends when they're looking to switch from vanilla and cupcake scented candles.

14. Turquoise Sky

If your bathroom has ever been ocean-themed, then this was probably the scent of your bathroom. It truly smells like the beach after you get off a cruise ship.

15. Hazelnut Coffee

I love the smell of Starbucks. Naturally, this is a favorite of mine!

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16. Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel definitely reminds me of my favorite Halloween candy for some reason. So, if you're feeling nostalgic about childhood candy, consider Salted Caramel.

17. Vanilla Cupcake

This is one of my favorite candles of all time. I recommend putting a cupcake scented candle in a large room. It may be too sweet for a small bedroom. If you want your kitchen to smell like a bakery, here you go!

18. Home Sweet Home

Do smells ever bring you back to the good ol' days? That's what Home Sweet Home will do! Light this candle up, and you'll be thinking about the days when you still believed in Santa.

19. French Vanilla

French Vanilla is a great option for those who aren't fans of coffee smells. It has just enough of a vanilla aroma to remind you of a latte but is sweet enough to remind you of your favorite ice cream.

20. Pink Sands

This candle will have you booking your next trip to Hawaii. It's truly the perfect mix of sweet and fresh air.

21. Home For The Holidays

This candle smells like Christmas day in a pre-fab cabin. It's the perfect mix of earthy cedarwood and cinnamon. It actually reminds me of Fireball pumpkin pie.

22. Mistletoe

If you have an artificial Christmas tree and are longing for the smell of a real tree, you have to get this candle. Your living room will soon smell like Christmas.

23. Honey Lavender Gelato

If caramel candles give you headaches, opt for honey scents. You won't regret it. When you need a gentle smell after cleaning up the house, this will be your go-to candle.

24. Cafe Al Fresco

Want to reminisce on the nights in college when you pulled all-nighters at the coffee shop? I have a candle for you. It smells just like coffee and the baked treats that pair perfectly with a cappuccino.

25. Santa's Pipe

If you're a fan of cherry soda and light tobacco smells, you'll love this one!

26. Be Thankful

I sure do love the smell of apple pies baking in the oven. For that flaky dough and apple smell, you'll want to light this Yankee Candle in your kitchen.

27. Belgian Waffles

This candle smells like a Saturday morning. Have you ever woken up to the smell of someone cooking breakfast? That is exactly what this Yankee Candle reminds me of.

28. Mango Peach Salsa

If you grew up eating fresh peaches, it's nearly impossible not to like the scent of this candle. I love it for the fall!

29. Campfire Treat

S' mores is a smell that I miss in the summer. This is perfect for the wintertime when you're snowed in at the house.

30. Blueberry Muffin

This Yankee Candle scent smells just like your kitchen when you take fresh muffins out of the oven. it is such a delight when your kitchen needs a sweet scent that mimics a bakery. A Yankee Candle does wonders when your home is missing that comfort feeling. Light a Yankee Candle, and you'll feel warm and toasty.

This post was originally published on August 10, 2019.

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