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These DIY Citronella Candles Are Perfect for Your Backyard

Screengrab via YouTube/Southern Living

With warm weather rapidly approaching, it's time to start preparing our backyards for all of the lovely outdoor events that summer brings: barbecues, bonfires, pool parties and, unfortunately, mosquitos.

Citronella candles are a summer staple when it comes to keeping the backyard bugs away, and now, thanks to this step-by-step video by Southern Living, you can affordably make your own. These cute and functional candles are super easy to make and chances are, you may already have at least a few of the necessary materials laying around your home. This project calls for mason jars, fresh herbs, citronella essential oil, floating candles, water and lemon and lime slices.

Simply place fresh herbs in a mason jar and fill half-way with water. Then, place the lemon and lime slices in the jar and add 10 drops of citronella oil (a natural insect repellent). Finally, add more water (until the jar is almost full) and place a floating candle on top. If you're feeling crafty, tie ribbon or twine around your jar for decor.

All that is left to do after completing this DIY is to place the candles outside at your next gathering, light them up and enjoy the bug-free atmosphere.

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These DIY Citronella Candles Are Perfect for Your Backyard