12 Indoor Hanging Plants That Add Color To Your Living Room

When you're enamored of plants, you just want them everywhere. Outside and even inside. Once you discover that your houseplants have taken up just about all of your indoor space available, it's time to get creative. Find some indoor hanging plants that will look fabulous hanging from your ceiling.

Hanging pots are typically easy to hang up, and hanging plants are usually low-maintenance. Plus, they're also something to consider if you have curious pets or toddlers who love to get into your indoor plants. Get clever hanging them up. Take advantage of windows, staircases, and more.

Best Indoor Hanging Plants

1. Spider Plant

Indoor spider plants love sunny rooms. Water your spider plant once a week. This air-purifying plant is low-maintenance.

Amazon has wonderful live spider plants. If artificial is your thing, consider this gorgeous hanging plant from Overstock.

2. Air Plant

Air plants can survive without soil and water. For those without a green thumb, get excited. You can find a macrame plant hanger for your new plant at Home Depot or Overstock.

3. String of Pearls

For showy greenery, consider a string of pearls. These beautiful plants typically grow up to three feet long indoors.

4. Boston Fern


Have a roomy bathroom? Place this plant in there. They thrive in humid locations.

5. Peperomia

Peperomia loves a partially-shaded room. (It only needs watering once the top inch of the soil has dried.) Keep the indoor temperature around 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, and this beauty will thrive.

Home Depot has a $13 peperomia in a hanging basket ready to go!

6. English Ivy

This low-maintenance plant also enjoys humid areas. It's one of the best hanging plants for your bathroom.

7. Sedum

These drought-tolerant succulents love their sun! Keep your sedum hanging by a window.

8. Golden Pothos


Look at that pretty shade of green. Your pothos plant will thrive in low-light and moist soil, but be sure not to overwater.

9. Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plants enjoy humid conditions and need to be fertilized every two weeks during warm seasons.

The leaf shape is fantastic.

10. Devil's Ivy

Look at those vines! They typically grow up to 8 feet long indoors.

Caring for your devil's ivy is simple. They love bright sunny areas and need watering once the top inch of the soil has dried out.

11. Baby's Tears

Baby's tears love humidity and medium indoor light. Be sure to plant this gorgeous plant in well-draining soil.

12. String of Hearts

String of hearts look similar to a string of pearls, but of course, have heart-shaped leaves instead. They love indirect sunlight and only need to be watered when the soil is dry.

Your indoor hanging plants will need some lovely hanging planters. Visit Overstock for a variety of options.

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