These Bunny Succulents Are The Perfect Addition to your Garden

Easter is synonymous with springtime, and that means it's time for some hands-on gardening after a long winter. These bunny succulents are the perfect indoor, container gardening project that will bloom all spring long. Place them on your table for Easter dinner, and settle them on your office desk or kitchen table afterwards. They are the plant that keeps on blooming.

A rare succulent, the Monilaria Moniliformis is also known as the String of Pearls, though now people are referring to them as the bunny succulents. The stems have a beaded structure and while they are very rare, their care is remarkably simple.

The seeds are available for purchase on Amazon for under $6, making this one affordable way to brighten your home. The pack includes 10 seeds, perfect for two containers!

They can grow up to eight inches tall, and the flowers that bloom are white with a yellow center. They thrive in the colder months indoors, which means now is the perfect time to plant them.

How To Plant Bunny Succulents


To begin, you'll sow the seeds on mineral soil in the container. Bigger seeds should be covered with the soil, while smaller seeds can remain on the surface.

The preferred type of soil for these succulents (and most, really) is a well-draining soil. Hoffman Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix is a great option.

A four-quart box only costs less than $6, too, and will last you through many succulent-planting seasons.

A plastic pot is recommended for this stage, and this is set of 30 plastic pots is perfect. Each is about four inches, perfect for germinating two seeds.

For only $7.83, this set is a steal and the plastic pots not used can be easily stored for future gardening. Put your pot in a ziplock bag. The recommended pot size is about two inches per seed, and a gallon bag is best.

Add water to the bag so when it sits flat on the windowsill, the water does not come above the pot, but instead covers the bottom few inches.

Add a few drops of universal fertilizer, found here for less than $15, and close the bag. No watering is required. When the plants begin to show through the soil, you can transfer them to the pot of your choice.


Simply plant the seeds in a container with free-draining soil and ventilation. You can combine the plants as long as there enough room in the pot to foster growth.

This is a beautiful, minimalist planter that also perfectly sits on a windowsill.

It's 10 inches long and would work with about three plants. Available for $22.50, there are also four other colors.

Regular light watering and plenty of sun are imperative to the succulents' success. Some are cold-hardy, meaning if you want to plant them outside and you live in a milder winter climate, they will thrive.

These succulents are native to South Africa and also thrive a loam-based compost in their container. They are excellent indoor plants, especially when placed on a sun-drenched windowsill.

So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect little DIY project to start!

This post was originally published on February 4, 2020.

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