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12 Fairy Garden Kits That Will Add Some Magic to Your Garden

There's no denying the magic a fairy garden can bring to an outdoor space. These miniature garden setups and garden accessories can transport you to the world of fairies and create an enchanting space that will captivate children as well as adults. Mini fairy garden kits come with various bits and pieces to help create your tiny fairy tale world, but not all kits are created equal. With all the pieces involved, we wanted to help make sure you are investing in quality kits that will help you enhance your fairy garden space.

We've gathered up 12 DIY fairy garden kits that are under $100 on Amazon to help you kick-start a fairy's backyard paradise (and maybe even this year's Christmas gift ideas). Get these mini garden fairy kits on your Amazon wish lists ASAP! Because gift cards are so 2009, and these all look like soon-to-be best sellers.

Fairy Garden Houses & Accessories Kits

1. English Cottage Fairy Garden

This garden starter kit ranks at 4.2 stars out of 86 reviews. With an arched bridge, stepping stones, and mini planters included, you have the perfect foundation for your miniature fairy garden.

One Amazon customer enjoyed the options this starter kit provides commenting, "Love this kit. It's pricey, but worth it. Very cute with lots of possibilities. It was fun putting scene together. I mixed plants, flowers and succulents."

2. Polystone Fairy House

Create a Fairy village with this Polystone Fairy House kit. With an impressive rating of 4.9 stars out of 42 customer reviews, this fairy kit, which comes with four houses, has a strong sense of detail on each house.

This outdoor fairy garden kit would make a great gift for any holiday. On Amazon user says, "WOW! These are stunning - the photo does not do them justice. Houses like these are typically $30 each, so 4 for $60 is a steal. These are really well made and beautifully painted - so many little details to love. I'm used to the product being a disappointment compared to the photo, but I cannot wait to give these as gifts in the fairy gardens I'm making for Mother's Day! =D"

3. Fairy Garden Bridge

This 4-piece fairy garden bridge kit is one of my favorite fairy garden ideas. It will add some magic to your own fairy garden with its serene bridge and water scene.

Amazon user Sam raves, "The pond and bridge are beautiful. The fish in the pond add a special touch. This set is far more detailed than I expected. This set is magical for those who love enchantment."

4. Tea Kettle House

This garden gnome fairy set is adorable with its teapot house. The pebble walkway adds extra whimsy detail.

One Amazon user was impressed by the quality for the price. She explained, "I purchased these sister fairies for my 2 little girls' fairy gardens. I am SO pleased with the size and quality of them for the price. I had been looking at several other fairies that were 2 or 3x the price (minimum) and were much smaller or not as detailed. They were the perfect addition to our fairy garden!"

5. Outdoor Garden Kit

This outdoor garden kit creates a serene and spritely scene. The adorable gazebo and table/chairs combo makes a wonderful setting for your Fairy friends. Pair this with a succulent garden in a broken pot or a fairy treehouse, and you've created a whimsical scene for yourself.

This 14-piece set boasts an impressive 4.9 stars out of 12 customer reviews. Amazon user GDunco says, "I'm new to fairy gardening, and this is the perfect place for me to start. All the pieces have amazing detail, I especially love the butterfly table and chairs. My friend stopped over the day it arrived and she was so impressed she decided to order one as well. Love the packaging as well as all of the beautiful detail. I hope to see more products from you in the future!"

6. Stone Houses

The stone house kit is a great addition to your tiny garden neighborhood. Set it amongst your plants and additional decorative accents to create a tranquil miniature scene and some unique home decor.

One Amazon user's review said, "Best little houses ever. They look like real stone and have some heft to them. The hedgehogs are adorable. I would definitely recommend for any fairy garden :)"

7. Fish Pond

Add some water to your scene with this fairy garden fish Pond Kit. The fairy garden set includes a bridge and swan to accompany the idyllic koi pond.

Amazon user Barb was excited to start her fairy garden project, saying, Can't wait for spring to start my fairy garden project. This order was exactly as advertised and received in two days!! I will be ordering more throughout the winter to complete my pond project."

8. Scarecrow and Vegetable Collection

These fairy figurines are adorable! Embrace the Fall season with this Scarecrow and Vegetable collection kit. The farmer's market and pumpkins add a fun seasonal touch.

Amazon user Susan praised the quality of the product in her review. "I will only buy from this company from now on, the quality and detail, the follow up email thanking me and making sure everything arrived alright is exceptional. I am an avid fairy gardener and truly these are the best I've ever seen and the price is excellent as well. Thank you for making such amazing pieces!"

9. Magical Fairy Garden

This Magical Fairy Garden boasts an Amazon's choice listing and 4.2 stars out of 450 customer reviews. The kit comes with Freya the fairy, who can even fly with an attachable cord.

Amazon user Florida girl said, "Best learning toy EVER! First, all the pieces are durable. The little garden fairy is adorable. The set is complete with dirt, seeds, garden tools which are child size. My granddaughter and I set it up on Sunday, and today is Tuesday and the seeds are already germinating and some plants are over a half inch tall already! Such a great way to learn about plants and taking care of our earth."

10. Lily Pond

Kids can get in on the fun too with this Lily Pond fairy garden play set. They get to grow their own garden and manage their own mini fairy scene complete with trickling water and an arched bridge.

Amazon user Margie praises how kid-friendly the kit is in her Amazon review. "I bought 3 of these for our 3 granddaughters. They were thrilled. The plants sprouted on the 3rd day and they are fascinated with watching them grow. Highly recommend these for the 3 - 5-year-old. I plan to buy several more."

11. Fairy Garden Pot

You don't always have to use nature as your setting. This fairy garden Pot only requires you to add plants to create your fairy scene in a flower pot. With moss and flower details carved into the pot, pick your favorite flowers or succulents to complete the look for an easy DIY fairy garden.

Averaging at 3.9 stars out of 49 customer reviews, One Amazon user says, "The absolute cutest, just as expected and is super cute for succulents."

12. Figurines & Swing Set

This fairy garden Figurines & Swing Set creates a whimsical scene featuring the garden fairies Avie & Stella. The leaf swing and flower details on the swing set are intricate, blending in well with a garden setting. Change it up by putting these fairy garden accessories in a birdbath in your backyard to showcase all the tiny details.

This fairy kit averages 4.5 stars out of 132 customer reviews, with many customers commenting on the lovely detail. One Amazon user says, "These are better than pictured! So cute & good quality at an excellent price. My granddaughter has a fairy garden and she loves these! Thank you for the fast service! Will be buying more of these for sure!"

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This post was originally published on November 12, 2018.

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