This Succulent Soil Under $20 Is So Well-Draining, You'll Never Kill One Again

Have you been telling everyone to come over and check out your new dolphin succulents? Have you seen friends posting pictures of their plants nonstop on Instagram? Same. If you were motivated to go out and find some, then now is the time to learn how to take care of your new succulent plants.

So you got the right pot for your succulents, it has good drainage holes. Your succulents are stored at the perfect temperature, and you've finally learned how to not over-water your succulents. Now, it's time to find the right type of soil for your plants.

Superfly Bonsai Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix - Premium Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend (1.25 Dry Quarts)

  • Pricing: Under $30
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The right succulent soil recipe is very crucial for the longevity of your succulents. Think of it as feeding your succulents or giving your car the right kind of oil. You can't put conventional oil in your car if the mechanic has already said it needs synthetic oil. You should have the same mindset for your succulents.

It doesn't need an ordinary potting mix. It needs potting mix formulated for succulent plants. By the way, you're welcome for that reminder to get your car an oil change. On to more important things, though, like when your succulents may need a soil change.

There are many key components that go into caring for succulents. Water, sunlight, and temperature play a huge role in caring for your succulent plants. The right type of soil is a major key to having healthy succulents, as well.

Fast draining soil mix is the best soil for your succulents to drain excess water. Too much water causes root rot, so you need succulent soil that will get every job done. Getting rid of excess water and absorbing nutrients is everything. Superfly Bonsai's succulent and cactus soil is the best for both roles.

Yes, this gritty mix is formulated specifically for all types of succulents and also cacti. This isn't regular potting soil or garden soil. Superfly Bonsai's premium pre-mixed succulent and cactus soil mix is the best out there. Superfly Bonsai soil mix isn't made up of just any dirt.

It's comprised of non-organic materials such as Japanese Akadama, pumice, New Zealand pine bark, and haydite. With an adequate amount of water and sunlight, this is the best succulent soil mix to hold moisture, intake nutrients, and dry excess water.

Repotting with Bonsai soil mix is fantastic. Check out this review!

Now where to buy the best succulent soil? Right here. No need to leave your house and go to your local garden center asking for the best succulent potting mix and then ponder the components of peat moss and coco coir. The best succulent and cactus soil mix is available on Amazon Prime. Who says you can't get green thumb overnight?

This succulent potting mix comes in various sizes and price ranges, from 1.25 dry quarts all the way to 12 dry quarts. This is perfect for anyone caring for just a few succulents or anyone caring for many pots of succulents. Don't forget you can also use this for your cacti plants!

Whether you have indoor succulents or have outdoor succulents growing in your garden, this formula is the best soil recipe for your succulents. Remember, a good green rule of thumb for succulent care is good drainage, sunlight, water, and succulent potting soil, specifically for succulents that hold moisture.

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This post was originally published on June 3, 2019.

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