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These Mini Cacti Are Perfect For People Without Green Thumbs

I can't tell you how many plants I've killed in my lifetime. I underwater, overwater, leave them in the sun too long, keep them in the shade too long. Everything you can imagine I've done. I love plants and I've always grown up with them around the house however I've come to the conclusion that plants are only supposed to live a few weeks and not thrive for years in my home.

However, that was before I found succulents and cacti, some of the most hearty indoor plants you could ever imagine. Forget to water them for a few weeks? Guess what, they are still thriving and growing.

Tierra Sol Studio, based in North Carolina knows exactly what every plant killer is going through and has created a product that is practically impossible to kill. As former plant killers, Yair and Seana wanted to share with the world that taking care of plants is simple, especially when the plants are miniature. 

Yair and Seana share on their website that their mini cactus plants are perfect for adding a little whimsical touch to your home decor. Each little cactus or tiny succulent comes in a homemade ceramic pot, perfectly fit for your new plant. Some plants can be as small as your thumb or the size of a coffee mug, perfect to place on your coffee table or on your desk. 

Each cactus or succulent plant comes complete with a hand mixed cactus and succulent soil mix, specifically created to encourage proper draining and to encourage oxygen to the roots. The plants also come with white sand for slow water release.

It's easy to build your own cactus collection and succulent garden with these small plants. And their small size makes it easy to add a little succulent collection to any small space. And with most plants only requiring a teaspoon of water per month, they are pretty easy to take care of.

You can pick up your own mini cacti at their online shop.

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