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These Rose Succulents Are The Perfect Gift For A Loved One

Nothing says love more than live plants. On dates, during weddings, and for special occasions, people are always bringing cut flowers to loved ones to show they care. Cut flowers are beautiful and add to the home decor, but eventually, wither up and die. However, what if you could give your love a rose that would last forever? No, it's not like Beauty and the Beast. Say hello to the greenovia dodrentalis, your new favorite succulent plant.

There are over 60 different types of succulents available, each of them beautiful and above all, almost effortless to take care of. Cacti and succulents require little water and a healthy soil mix. Drought tolerant, an indoor succulent garden doesn't require too much bright light, making it a perfect houseplant.

The Rose Succulent 

The rose succulent is a rare plant hailing from the Canary Islands. Thankfully with the internet, it's pretty easy to find seeds. The small plants reach 6-inches tall when fully mature. Water the plant only when the topsoil is dry. In the winter reduce the amount of water by half and in the spring resume the water as normal. When Summer comes along you can move your plant to your patio, making sure the succulent is not in direct sunlight. Full sun will slowly fry the beautiful succulent leaves.

Want to give your loved one a full-grown plant? Check out these rose-inspired succulents. These are more common, making it easy to grab these fully grown rather than waiting for the unique succulent seeds to germinate.


Also known as houseleeks, these rosette succulents are sure to be on your wish list. Easy to take care of, these colorful succulents are too pretty to hide away in a corner. They are most like aeoniums which have rounder leaves. 


Plants under this genus include jade plants and are native to South Africa. Leaves can either be stubby or long and flowing.


Just like aloe, haworthia plants are very easy to take care of. The hardest part is picking out which plant you like the best!


The kalanchoe tomentosa is often referred to as the panda plant. This African native succulent is the perfect indoor plant. If exposed to too much sunlight, the leaves can burn.


These are by far my favorite! If you're a fan of any shade of pink, you'll love these. When I think of giving succulents as a gift to a loved one, this is definitely the one I would go with.


If pink isn't one of your favorites, check out the aeonium succulent. The plum color would make a great splash of color for any season.

Indoor succulent care is fairly easy. With enough light, water, and succulent soil mix, your plants will thrive. If you'd like to try putting succulents with your outdoor garden plants, be cautious of the amount of sun and rain your plants will get. Temperature is also a big factor. Since many of these plants are native to Mediterranean climate, they need temperatures that aren't freezing and aren't too hot. Outdoor succulents would probably be fine in some California regions and along the West Coast.

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This post was originally published on April 8, 2019.

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