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Skip the Christmas Tree Farm and Order a Live Christmas Tree from The Home Depot

I've never had a real Christmas tree in my house. I've always assumed you had to go to a Christmas tree farm and cut your own Christmas tree. I guess I forgot we live in a day and age where you can order just about anything online. There's no need to pick out an axe or chainsaw to get a fresh-cut tree. You can order a fresh-cut Christmas tree from Home Depot.

The best part about it is that Home Depot has free delivery on their fresh-cut Christmas trees. This is a major perk to those who don't own a truck or trailer. So ditch your artificial Christmas tree this holiday season and see if fresh trees live up to the hype. You never know, it could be the best Christmas tree you've ever had. Many people who use fresh trees can't stop talking about the smell of real trees.

The Home Depot carries various trees: white pine, Douglas fir, Noble fir, Balsam fir, Scotch pine, Grand fir, and Fraser fir Christmas trees.

Best Freshly Cut Trees from Home Depot

1. 6 ft. to 6.5 ft. Freshly Cut Fraser Fir Real Christmas Tree (Live)

No pickup truck, no problem. Get this live Christmas tree delivered to your home for free. The gorgeous tree comes all the way from North Carolina. It's only $106.98 and stands six feet tall.

A happy customer gave it five stars and wrote, "Pretty dark green fresh cut Christmas tree with little fragrance is great for those who love a cut tree but have allergy issues."

Sounds like this is a great pick for those who suffer from allergies. Please allow 1-2 days for the branches to settle after unboxing.

2. 3 ft. to 4 ft. Freshly Cut Douglas Fir Real Christmas Tree

For smaller spaces, consider a 3-4 foot Christmas tree. It's tiny, but the fresh fragrance packs a punch. It'll make a great addition to your home office. Unfortunately, the Christmas tree stand isn't included, so add that to your list of supplies when you're shopping for tree lights and ornaments.

The $55 fresh cut tree comes from Michigan and is ready to make a statement in your home state. Hopefully, it's back in stock soon at the Home Depot store.

3. 5 ft. Freshly Cut Blue Spruce Real Christmas Tree

Here's a perfect fresh-cut tree. It stands five feet tall and has great needle retention. The holiday tree is also from Michigan and is also out of stock. It's still early, so hopefully, these are ready to go by the end of November. (Fingers crossed.)

Free delivery, no additional trimming is required, and the icy blue color is beautiful. This tree is everything! Enter your email address for in-stock notifications.

Christmas Tree Care

To keep the tree trunk from drying out, be sure to water your live tree. There should always be a quart of water per inch of the base of the trunk. Keeping a gallon of water in your tree stand is an ideal water level. Always be wary of fire hazards. Keep trees away from heat sources, such as heat vents, space heaters, and radiators.

To keep the green needles from littering the living room floor, make sure the tree has enough water, especially when it comes right from the tree lot when water absorption is at its highest.

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This post was originally published in 2019.