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How To Decorate a Sunflower Christmas Tree This Holiday Season

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In a household with five daughters, my dad was outnumbered when it came to picking out the Christmas tree. One day, my sisters and I decided that a green tree was too bland. We wanted something unique that would make our eyes twinkle every time we walked through the living room. Naturally, five girls between the ages of 2 and 11 picked out a pink Christmas tree.

Looking back, I think the pink tree and girly Christmas ornaments definitely made a statement. We weren't scared to take creative risks and loved being at the forefront of trends. I see pink Christmas trees often scrolling through Christmas tree posts on Pinterest and Instagram, but I was amazed to see a sunflower Christmas tree.

How To Make a Sunflower Christmas Tree

That's right, people are now using yellow sunflowers as ornaments on their Christmas trees. If you're looking for a new Christmas tree, hop on the sunflower Christmas tree trend. As someone that loves floral wreaths, I'm definitely on board with this new tree decor. Instagram user liyahbobeah posted this picture of her sunflower Christmas tree in 2018, but her sunflower tree is still trending today!

To achieve this DIY Christmas tree, you'll need faux sunflowers and burlap. I love that people still use tinsel and string lights as Christmas tree decorations with their beautiful sunflower decor.

Unique Christmas trees don't stop here. A few years ago, I met someone that had a college football-themed Christmas tree. If you have a family member or friend that loves college football, there's a holiday decor theme you can pitch to them. Out of the several fun Christmas themes I've seen, unicorn Christmas trees have to be the most spunky.

These stunning Christmas trees are giving me ideas for new Christmas tree trends. I might have to coin a new theme this holiday season.

If you love the floral Christmas tree vibe but prefer other flowers over sunflowers, change up your Christmas decorations with something you like. Go with poinsettias, roses, you name it. Have fun decorating this year, and have a Merry Christmas.

Sunflower Christmas Tree Decoration Supplies

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3. Red Faux Roses

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7. Artificial Magnolia Flower Ornaments

8. Glitter Artificial Poinsettia

9. Artificial Velvet Magnolia Flower

10. Flowers Trees Xmas Decor

This post was originally published in 2019.