'Yellowstone' Recap: Where Does Jamie Dutton Stand?


Warning: spoilers ahead for season four of Yellowstone. 

Episode four of the fourth season of Yellowstone didn't have the bloodshed or explosions of the previous episodes, but there were still more than a few bombshells for the Dutton family. "Winning or Learning," the latest installment of the Paramount western series marks a new start for a former member of the bunkhouse crew and gives further insight into the motivations of one of the series' most complex characters. It also may have offered an answer as to who was really behind the attacks on the Duttons.

Read on for our seven main takeaways from episode four of "Yellowstone"

1. Jamie Still Has Some Loyalty to the Duttons

For multiple episodes we've all been wondering where exactly Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) stands. He's clearly at odds with Beth (Kelly Reilly), especially since Beth believes Jamie tried to take out half the family. But we also haven't seen him interact with John (Kevin Costner) or Kayce (Luke Grimes) recently -- until now.


Kayce stops by Jamie's office at the behest of John. When he questions why Jamie hasn't been around, Jamie explains that he's been kinda busy making sure the Duttons stayed out of legal trouble after, well, every illegal thing the Duttons have done recently. (It's a long list.)

"I have yet to stop fighting for this family," Jamie says.

Then, the two brothers say "I love you" to one another. Regardless of his relationship with the rest of the family, there's clearly still a bond between these two.

This leads me to believe Jamie's not totally cutting ties with the Duttons now that he seems to be growing closer to his birth father, Garrett. But more on that later.



2. Beth Vs. Market Equities

Beth is keeping her enemies close by considering an offer from the new CEO of Market Equities, Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver). Warner offeres Beth a position within Market Equities in which she'd be in charge of new development in Montana. Beth considers the offer on one condition: she'd acquire Market Equities' shares in her old company Schwarz & Meyer. Beth, as usual, is out for revenge.

3. Jimmy Makes a New Start

My favorite bunkhouse guy Jimmy (Jefferson White) is on the longest road trip of his life with Travis the horsetrader (Taylor Sheridan). On their way to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas, the two discuss Road House, the wonders of Sam Elliott and horses. You know, the meaning of life.


Jimmy also sees how much money Travis is making for the Yellowstone. Perhaps this is a hint at Jimmy's future? Can we expect him to leave the rodeo behind for good for another side of the cowboy life?

The episode closes with Jimmy walking to the entrance of the Four Sixes, taking the first steps of his new life. I can't wait for 6666, the Yellowstone spinoff set at this real life historic ranch in the Lone Star State. I'm picturing a Friday Night Lights-esque coming of age tale, but with ranching instead of small town football. Of course, whatever the premise, it's sure to promise the twists and turns that only Taylor Sheridan can bring.

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4. A Bunkhouse Fight

Speaking of Road House, Rip has to play bunkhouse bouncer after the tension that's been building between Lloyd and Walker finally hits a breaking point. Rip reminds Lloyd of the longstanding rule: no fighting on the ranch, before handling the situation in an extremely Rip fashion.


5. Monica and Kayce Leave the Ranch (For Now)

Though Kayce told his father he feared he'd already lost his wife and son, he found out that's not exactly the case after opening up to Monica (Kelsey Asbille). After the tense conversation in last week's episode, Monica assures Kayce that she didn't mean it when she said she hated him. Kayce suggests that they move in with Monica's grandfather for a while and Monica excitedly agrees.

6. Rip Mentors Carter

Rip is proving to be a reluctant mentor to Carter (Finn Little), the 14-year-old kid Beth brought to the ranch. Carter's been working hard at the ranch, but he got on Beth's bad side (a place literally no one wants to be) after a shopping trip went sideways.

Rip tells Carter he needs to earn back Beth's trust and reminds him that he has a chance to make a better life.

7. Is Jamie's Father Behind the Attacks?

The final moments of the episode include a major reveal. As Jamie reviews the prison record for Riggins, the mysterious man involved in the attacks on the Duttons, he realizes that the man was once a cellmate with his father, Garrett Randall.


Could it be that Jamie's father was the one who orchestrated the attacks? If so, is Garrett's newfound interest in his son genuine, or just a way to infiltrate the family? Or is it all just a red herring? Either way, we can't wait to find out what happens next.


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