Wes Bentley (Randy Shropshire/Deadline via Getty Images)

Wes Bentley’s Shocking ‘Yellowstone’ Prediction: 'Either They Are All Gone or One of Them Survives'

It's been over a month since Paramount announced that Yellowstone would end with Season 5, Part 2, and, at long last, one of the series' original cast members is dishing on the reported behind-the-scenes drama that led to the decision to pull the plug on TV's most-watched show. In a new interview, Wes Bentley, who's played Jamie Dutton (the wayward son of Kevin Costner's John Dutton) since the show's 2018 debut, opened up about his hopes for the grand finale and revealed whether he'd be down to reprise his role in Taylor Sheridan's reported spinoffs: "I will miss it, but I will celebrate it being over."

Yellowstone's blowout midseason finale saw Jamie call for his father's impeachment and put a hit out on his sister Beth (played by Kelly Reilly). While Bentley hasn't read any Season 5, Part 2 scripts yet, he half-expects Jamie will be instrumental in his father's — or his own — downfall:

"[Jamie's] going to go out like a cannonball, maybe. Just blow it all up," Bentley told The Hollywood Reporter in a June 10 interview, adding: "With that forward momentum, it seems hard to avoid that he's on the attack."

Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5. (Paramount)

"Does he go down with John?" Bentley continued, giving credence to the rumors that Kevin Costner's announced departure from the series can only spell John Dutton's death. "Does John go down because of Jamie? Does Jamie have a hand in it at all, or does it turn out Jamie tries to protect him?"

Bentley went on to reveal that he hasn't spoken with Kevin Costner or any of his other Yellowstone co-stars about the show's imminent ending — which is perhaps not surprising given reports of severe clashes between Costner and series creator Taylor Sheridan. "I haven't really talked to any of them about that. We never did," Bentley told the outlet.

The remaining episodes of Season 5 were slated to premiere in November, but due to the ongoing writers' strike and Costner's rumored scheduling conflicts, filming has not yet begun on Yellowstone's final voyage. As for what's in store, Bentley guesses the Dutton dynasty will end in an all-or-nothing tragedy:

"With the tension and danger right now, it potentially could be either they are all gone, or one of them survives." (*Cough* Kayce!)

The actor went on to praise his onscreen sparring partner Kelly Reilly, calling their collaboration "one of the most special experiences I've had in my whole career." Still, he admits he's grown tired of playing the same character over the last five seasons. "I hate playing him," Bentley said, later adding: "At the same time, I love it."

Where does Bentley's love-hate relationship with his most famous role put him in terms of the series end? Like Jamie Dutton, it's complicated. "I will miss it, but I will also celebrate it being over," said Bentley.

Fans have been assured that Yellowstone's flagship series may be ending, but the franchise will continue with more prequels and a sequel series. Matthew McConaughey is reportedly in talks to lead the latter, which will pick up where Yellowstone leaves off and may feature original cast members. If Jamie survives the series finale (whenever it airs), Bentley is willing to reprise his role in potential spinoffs.

"I'm open to that," he said of boarding future projects. "Taylor [Sheridan] has something in his mind about where this story goes and if Jamie fits in, I definitely would be interested in being a part of that. But if it's the end of the road for Jamie, like I said, I'm ready to wrap him up."

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