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Ryan Hurd's Nostalgic 'Every Other Memory' is About Enjoying Every Moment [Exclusive]

Singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd draws on nostalgia for his current single "Every Other Memory," an ode to first kisses, camp fires, Springsteen and Eric Church concerts.

"That last call, first kiss never left my mind/ That old school Springsteen gets me every time/ And when I see that leather jacket, I think about how you had it wrapped around your shoulder that whole October," Hurd sings. "And that sunset, barefoot, fire on the beach/ I can still feel your hands all over me/ And when the sky lights up, girl, it's your shade of blue/ 'Cause every other memory, every other memory is you."

Hurd says he wants the song, which features background vocals from Hurd's wife Maren Morris, to serve as a reminder to treasure every moment.

"We're living in scary, uncertain times these days, and I wanted to release a song that encourages us to enjoy every moment and special memories with loved ones," Hurd tells Wide Open Country. "Even if it's just for a few minutes, I hope we can all focus on the positivity and happiness in our lives."

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The Michigan-born "To a T" singer released his debut EP in 2017. In March, Hurd welcomed his first child with Maren Morris.

Earlier this year, Hurd recently released a cover of Taylor Swift's "False God."

"I just have a massive amount of respect for her as a writer," Hurd told People. "Every single person who tours right now has Taylor Swift fans that come to their shows because she's the biggest artist in the world. So it's really just a special thing to have her fans like it and respect it."

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