How to Turn Toilet Paper Rolls and Egg Cartons Into Seed Starters

Next time you use the last piece of toilet paper, be sure to do two things. One, replace the roll! Two, don't throw away the cardboard toilet paper roll. You can use them for DIY seed starters.

Have you been on the hunt for seed starter kits recently? I have, and it looks like many seed starting supplies on Amazon consist of biodegradable options. Eco-friendly is the way to go! Let's make use of the items we have around the house already. Alright, grab your empty Charmin rolls, y'all. Let's have fun this growing season.

How to Turn Toilet Paper Rolls & Egg Cartons Into Seed Starters

Don't these look wonderful? It looks like potting soil has no problem staying put in the seed starter pots. Also, no worries if you're feeling inspired in the home improvement department and don't have empty toilet paper rolls right now.

You can also use egg cartons! They work just as great as toilet paper. Plant seeds in each tray, and set your carton by a windowsill. Your indoor houseplants will thrive all season long. Some gardeners even like to use old yogurt cups.

There are so many things you can use for seed starters yall. Get creative. COVID-19 is keeping us indoors, but we still have indoor gardening to keep us feeling happy and busy.

Garden Tools for Growing Season

2. 10-Pack Seed Trays Seedling Starter Tray

You can also keep your seeds in a seedling starter tray. This tray has drainage holes at the bottom and comes with 10 plant labels.

Take advantage of the adjustable vents so you can regulate the temperature and humidity of the seedling environment. Another great way to do this with DIY trays is to keep a humidifier in the room.

3. Jiffy J312 12Pel Wndwsll Greenhouse, Mini, Black with clear dome

Jiffy's seed tray has 12 36mm Jiffy peat pellets and a base tray. Amazon customers love it and say it's easy to transplant young seedlings safely.

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