Plant Rainbow Carrot Seeds in Your Vegetable Garden This Spring

It turns out those yummy veggies that taste delicious dipped in ranch dressing aren't only orange. Have you ever seen cosmic purple, solar yellow, atomic red, or white carrots? Daucus carota or rainbow carrots are bright and full of life.

Yellow carrots exist due to their photosynthetic pigment. Many other fruits and vegetables with similar shades of yellow and orange are also high in carotenoid. Now, why are some of these root vegetables purple and red?

Seed Needs, Rainbow Carrot Blend (Daucus carota) Twin Pack of 800 Seeds Each Non-GMO

Purple carrots are high in anthocyanins. There are many reasons why there are so many carrot varieties. Undoubtedly seed type, mulch, and weather play a huge role as well. If you're curious to see what kind of carrots your vegetable garden can grow, consider planting rainbow carrot seeds.

It's early spring, which means it's time to grow carrots and all of your favorite vegetables. Orange carrots are so fall. It's time to grow a gorgeous rainbow mix this spring.

How to Grow Rainbow Carrots

Many bloggers recommend trenches to be at least one inch, along with raised beds. Once you sow your seeds, cover your seeds. Carrots do love full sun, and of course, rain.

Amazon has a rainbow carrot blend with 800 seeds, and the reviews are incredible. A customer left a helpful tip. He says, "It's all about the soil." Be sure not to let the ground get too hard, keep the soil moist.

Another customer said they planted them in early spring and grew well. It turns out, they grew all summer, and taste amazing! Although, someone did say the white carrots taste like parsnips.

Gardeners say they have an impressive germination rate, too. If you're looking for a vegetable to chop up for all of your favorite summer meals, look no further than rainbow carrots. There are plenty of health benefits from carrots, and there are some yummy roasted carrot recipes that pair with many dinner meals.

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