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HGTV's 'Property Brothers' Have a Country Music Side Project


Drew Scott and his twin brother Jonathan became household names after helping people find their dream homes in their hit HGTV show, The Property Brothers. The Scott Brothers have gone on to expand their empire with multiple different shows, their own production company, and have quickly become two of the most recognizable people on HGTV. But did you know that they actually have more skills than just home improvement? They are also talented musicians who love country music and we have to admit...the voices of the TV stars are pretty good.

Back in 2015, the brothers filmed a special for HGTV Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch which followed a special project in their hometown of Alberta, Canada.

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"We grew up on a ranch, spending almost every other day sitting around a campfire, strumming songs on the guitar, singing songs with our parents," Drew told Entertainment Tonight at the time. "This past year, we were shooting Property Brothers: At Home on The Ranch, where we went back to our roots to renovate a friend's property in the Rockies."


While chatting with a Nashville music producer, the HGTV stars decided to release a country song at the same time that paid tribute to their home and upbringing. Both Scotts are featured in the duet's music video for "Hold On" with Drew playing guitar as well. But the brothers didn't stop there as much as we love the country ballad.

In 2016, they released the party song "Let the Night Shine In" which shows the brothers jamming out at a party in the music video. They had no idea that their music would actually resonate with their longtime fans!


"We grew up on a ranch, we're cowboy kids, and we used to just sing around the campfire singing songs; my dad and I played the guitar. So we recorded these two songs as a tribute to how we grew up, we had no idea that they would hit so well, and 'Hold On' - it Billboard charted! It's amazing to us that everyone's loved the songs so much, so we'll probably do more," Drew told PEOPLE.

The following year, The Scott Brothers released another new song, a country version of Flo Rida's 2016 hit "My House," featuring Eric Paslay which had yet another hilariously fun music video of the brothers partying.


When Drew married his wife Linda Phan in 2018, he wrote and performed a special song for her, "You Chose Me." The music video for the song even shows the couple's wedding day and moments from their relationship. Honestly, try not crying as you watch this and see Linda actually listening to the song with tears in her eyes as a special surprise on her wedding morning.

In 2020, Jonathan Scott released his own song that he wrote for his documentary, 'Jonathan Scott's Power Trip' for PBS. "Being Honest" was inspired by the lack of renewable energy in the United States he explained to Fox News.

"We're all trying to make sense of how and why we got here. We're tired of feeling powerless and are just ready for some honesty," he said. "People are frustrated and ready to do something about it."


Jonathan is currently dating Zooey Deschanel who is also a singer-songwriter...we have no doubt that the two superstars have lots of fun singing together at home! Meanwhile, Drew regularly posts videos on social media singing various songs while playing the guitar...you can watch those here! 

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