JD Scott
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JD Scott: Meet the Property Brothers' Older Brother JD

If you're a longtime fan of HGTV's The Property Brothers, you know that Drew and Jonathan Scott are not the only Scott Brothers. The Canadian TV stars have welcomed their older brother, JD, on multiple shows over the years and you can tell that the three brothers are incredibly close.

JD Scott (James Daniel) is two years older than his twin brothers and is widely recognized as the "third Property Brother." Here are some things you might not know about the lesser-known Scott brother.

1. JD has appeared on HGTV with his brothers

He's appeared on Brother vs. Brother, where he hosted behind-the-scenes coverage, and Property Brothers at Home. JD was also a co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment so he's pretty active behind the scenes even if we don't see him as frequently.

2. He worked as a celebrity impersonator

When in Vegas! JD previously worked as a David Bowie and Adam Lambert impersonator in Las Vegas, his first big job out there. He's certainly come a long way since then.

3. He had a big Halloween themed wedding

JD's 2019 wedding to makeup artist Annalee Belle was anything but ordinary. With a Halloween theme, you better believe there were some amazing photos circulating around social media. Zooey Deschanel was there with Jonathan and Drew and his wife Linda Phan had some seriously impressive coordinating costumes.

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4. He loves theme parks

JD starred on the TV show All American Amusement Parks on the Great American Country cable network where he would ride crazy theme park rides with other major fans. Now that's a dream job.

5. He loves being Scottish

Like Jonathan and Drew Scott, JD is very proud of his Scottish heritage. The brothers have been known to wear kilts, play bagpipes, and even celebrate random Scottish holidays together.

6. He's worked in entertainment for years

Outside of working with his brothers, JD was a creative director for Toddler vs. Toddler and a producer on the show Makeover Manor.

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