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Drew Scott + Linda Phan: How the Property Brother Found Love

Fans of the hit HGTV show Property Brothers know that realtor Drew Scott and his handy brother Jonathan have a great relationship. But over the years we've also gotten to see Drew connect onscreen with his longtime love, Linda Phan. 

The couple met for the first time at a Toronto Fashion Week event. Linda was dressed as the "fashion police" passing out tickets to people for their poor fashion choices. It was pretty much love at first sight for Drew.

"She was wearing a big cop badge and giving out tickets for 'bad' fashion," Drew told People. After seeing her he thought, "Oh, she's attractive and she had a great personality."

So Drew decided to move in with a cool opening line. 

"My sister and I were backstage looking for pizza and having some water, and Drew came up to me and said 'Hey, where'd you get that water?'" Linda told People

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Apparently his smooth move worked because a couple of months later, Linda agreed to a first date. After grabbing some sushi and hot chocolate, she was actually trying to ditch him to go to a party, but Drew wouldn't have it.

"I thought, OK, I'm going to duck out and head to this party," Phan says. "And Drew said, 'Oh, I'll come.' And in my head I thought, I didn't really invite you, but sure."

Turned out it was a karaoke party and Drew immediately grabbed the mic to sing "I'm On A Boat" by The Lonely Island. Linda was impressed and the couple sang the night away together. But it was when Linda won over Drew's twin brother Jonathan Scott and their childhood friend Pedro that he knew she was the one. After Linda delivered the punchline to Pedro's joke, Jonathan turned to his brother and said "Who is this girl? She's a keeper."

"In that one moment, I knew we were on the same parallel," Drew told the New York Times. "When you're in love, you mesh that way."

Pretty soon, Linda was even part of the brothers' production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, as the Creative Director. 

"She's great. That's why she's the creative director with our company," Drew explained to Entertainment Tonight. "She has an architectural design background as well, and she has brilliant ideas and has great aesthetic and she's really our property sister, we can say."

As business was booming, Drew and Linda's relationship grew stronger. Fans were even a little confused when she moved in with Drew and Jonathan to their Las Vegas home they shared together. 

"People were always like, 'Isn't that weird?' But there's an ease to it," Linda told People. "You wake up and you go to work. It's nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with."

It's hard to plan an engagement for someone you work and live with, but after six years of dating, Drew pulled it off. At a Toronto restaurant, Drew surprised Linda with his own rendition of Train's "Marry Me" as the restaurant staff brought out a cake decorated with one of her favorite books, Dr. Seuss' Oh, the Places You'll Go!, but upgraded to say "Oh, the Places We'll Go." Afterward, Linda thought they were going to a company holiday party which turned out to be a surprise engagement party with all of their friends and family there to celebrate. 

After a two year engagement, the couple said "I do" on May 12, 2018, at the La Piazza del Borgo in Puglia, Italy. Of course, they decided to share their big day with their fans in a special episode called "Linda and Drew Say 'I Do'." Try to not cry watching their wedding video above featuring Drew's beautiful voice singing "You Chose Me" for his bride, which he even had made into a record for her to listen to on their wedding day. How cool is that?

The couple currently lives together in Los Angeles in their home that was featured on Property Brothers at Home: Drew's Honeymoon House. They are incredibly excited to grow their family together. 

"I wanted to make sure this house can function for kids, too," Drew tells People. "So at the end of the day between the aesthetic and the function this is the ultimate home." 

This article was originally published in August of 2020.

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