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Matthew McConaughey's Millionaire Brother Rooster Was a Reality TV Star

We all know and love actor Matthew McConaughey. He's a Texas treasure who passionately loves his home state and even chose to move back to his beloved Austin to raise his three children with his wife Camila Alves. But did you know that he has an older brother who's a self-made millionaire? Mike 'Rooster' McConaughey used everything he learned from his father Jim on the Texas oil fields as a young man and was able to turn that knowledge into a profitable business, living by the motto "high risk means high reward."

You'd think that just being known for being Matthew McConaughey's brother would make you popular among major fans of the Oscar winner. But Rooster has paved his own path which led him from the oil fields to reality television. He made his first million at 30 years old, and though he lost it all a year later, he learned everything he needed to make millions with his oil pipe business, DGM Supply. After finding immense success, Rooster and his business partner Wayne "Butch" Gilliam starred in the docuseries West Texas Investors Club for two seasons on CNBC. The series focused on their investment company West Texas Ltd where they would invest in up-and-coming entrepreneurs. 

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His latest new show, Rooster & Butch, debuted on A&E in 2018. Their goal was to be the opposite of Shark Tank, helping aspiring entrepreneurs reach their goals without the stress of a fancy presentation.

"We level the playing field," McConaughey told People. "It's a condensed version of how we've done business our entire lives."

With his heavy Texas drawl, Rooster is possibly even more Texas than his famous brother. He even named his son Miller Lyte after his favorite beer. He apparently grew up the life of the party and is frequently seen with a cigar in hand on his TV shows, which comes as no surprise. Though he's taking a hiatus from reality TV these days, he's regularly seen accompanying his brother on red carpets in Hollywood, though unlike their mother, he's kept quiet about Matthew's private details, respecting his boundaries.

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