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$35 Mini Whiskey Barrel Is the Perfect Father's Day Gift for Your Bourbon Buff

What do you get the man who loves whiskey but has enough whiskey? A mini whiskey aging barrel. These mini whiskey barrels are the perfect gift for your whiskey-lovin' dad, brothers, and husband. They're going to look fantastic in kitchens and man caves!

This adorable kit allows people to make their own whiskey at home. Oh, we know alcohol lovers love to dabble in moonshine. Bring the distillery to your home this time. Jack Daniel's who? Totally kidding.

Best Mini Barrels

1. The Gentleman's Personalized Whiskey Kit

  • Holds 67 ounces of whiskey
  • Genuine American oak barrel cask
  • ?Great gift for groomsmen

The small barrel is available on Hammacher Schlemmer for $149.95. It's the perfect Father's Day gift or as a way to show appreciation to the whiskey lovers in your life. The kit comes with an American white oak barrel, flavored essences for making Kentucky bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and bourbon. There's also a spigot included for pouring neat whiskey into a rocks glass.

You'll be able to keep the barrel steady with the iron stand while it ages. And yes, there are instructions for curing the barrel, ingredients, and directions for monitoring the whiskey for proper aging.

However, what truly makes it special is that it's a custom engraved barrel. It can be personalized with up to 16 characters.

This mini oak barrel is under $65 is perfect for aging your own spirits, hot sauce, vinegar, and more. Get a 1-liter barrel, or go all out with a 10 or 15-liter oak whiskey barrel! It's perfect for anyone who loves a DIY barrel-aged cocktail. Old fashioned, anyone?

The wooden barrel comes with instructions for how to cure and seal. It is medium char, which means there will be a moderate release of tannins and vanillin to flavor your whiskey. There is an option for engraving, so send names, logos, or graphics when checking out. You can even use it for wine making.

A customer left a five-star review and said, "This is my third one. Been making aged Manhattans for a couple years now. I have some recipes off the internet and pour the concoction into the barrel where I keep it for 6 weeks, turning it a quarter turn every other day. At the end, I empty the barrel, strain the fluid through cheap coffee filters to get any particles and chocolate shavings out of it. I then pour it all into the 750ml bottle I used and place it directly in the freezer. GREAT!"

3. 1.5L Whiskey Barrel Dispenser Oak Aging Barrels Home Whiskey Barrel Decanter for Wine, Spirits, Beer, and Liquor (Brown)

Here's another adorable whiskey barrel. The $35 barrel is a fantastic wishlist item for people who want to tap into their inner distiller. Fill the barrel with a spirit, then combine different herbs, flowers, fruits, spices, and more. Start barrel aging your own drinks.

A customer gave it five stars and wrote, "The oak chips smell like oak chips. Can't wait to get started brewing! Fine product, I will definitely be back for more! Thank you thank you thank you!"

Your guests are going to love it. Your home bar has never looked cooler.

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This post was originally published on February 12, 2021.

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