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Jack Daniel's Just Released a Limited-Edition Eric Church Tennessee Whiskey

When Eric Church said, "That label's like black powder for my soul," we felt that, and all said, "I know that's right!" One of our favorite country artists and favorite whiskey brands teamed up for a new limited-edition Jack Daniel's Eric Church Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey.

Eric and Master Distiller Jeff Arnett offer a significant depth of aroma ranging from notes of vanilla and caramel to toasted and charred oak. Yum! Eric's got good taste, y'all. You can tell that the limited-edition bottle was designed with Eric's style in mind. The black bottle is sleek and eye-catching.

Eric Church Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey

Eric Church Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's

Eric Church says his grandpa loved Jack Daniel's, and he's carrying on the tradition of enjoying the famous whiskey. "Not only for the taste but because it's about a can-do, small-town attitude, where community, loyalty, and hard work are the qualities the crafters of this American icon hang their hats," said Eric Church.

I can't think of a better country singer than Eric Church to have their own special release of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel + Eric Church Special Edition Whiskey


The special edition American whiskey is available in limited quantities across the United States, so head over to your local liquor store for a limited-edition bottle. (Hit up your girls for a trip to Total Wine & More, ladies!) While you're at it, grab one of these whiskey glasses, and raise your glass high. Like Eric says, whether you're at a concert or with a handful of our friends, up high is where your glass belongs!

The Eric Church edition Single Barrel Select is one of the nicest Jack Daniel's bottles I've ever seen. If I get my hands on a bottle, I'll be sure to keep it forever!

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