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11 Unique Whiskey Decanters for the Home Office

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Whiskey drinkers probably have all the whiskey glasses they need at this point, but they might need a decanter. Some whiskey drinkers might not notice a difference between whiskey left in a bottle versus a decanter, but they make for lovely home bar decor.

These whiskey decanters would look perfect in Dad's study or Grandpa's kitchen. They're the perfect gift for whiskey lovers, and remember, there are some health benefits to drinking whiskey (in moderation, of course).

Why Use a Decanter

Experts say there is no point in using a whiskey decanter. Since whiskey doesn't age in a bottle like wine, advancedmixology.com says there is no functional purpose of using a whiskey decanter. However, don't let that stop you from buying a decanter. If you think your bottle of Old No. 7 will look aesthetically pleasing in a unique decanter, go for it.

Whiskey decanters look fabulous on bar carts, in home offices and truly make a statement anytime you're hosting guests. Plus, buying a whiskey decanter set ensures you'll have a matching glass (or several) to improve your home bar set up.

We recommend whiskey stones if you truly want to buy a "useful" whiskey gift. They are perfect for chilling drinks without watering them down from ice cubes. They're made of granite and kept in the freezer until you're ready to use them.

Of course, some people say they're useless as well, but it must depend on the brand and how long they were prepped before using.

Best Whiskey Decanter Sets

This glass decanter is perfect for your baseball-lovin' dad. It comes with four whiskey glasses and is made from 100% lead-free glass. It can hold up to about 25 ounces of your favorite whiskey.

The unique decanter is going to come in handy when baseball season is in full swing. (Pun totally intended.)

2. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses

Amazon's best seller in liquor decanters is this globe decanter. I could see this being a great gift for travelers or educators who need a decanter in their home office. It's perfect for about 28 ounces of your favorite hard liquor.

The glasses are also designed to match the decanter.

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3. Atterstone Barrel Whiskey Decanter Set

For under $70, you can get this set. It comes with a decanter, a dispenser, one glass stopper, a stand, two glasses, and nine chilling stones. This would be a great housewarming gift.

It has everything a whiskey lover could want (minus the whiskey).

4. Rifle Gun Whiskey Decanter with 2 Whiskey Glasses Set

Here's the perfect decanter for the hunter in your life. This rifle-shaped decanter is made from high-quality glass. The $75 decanter will hold about 34 ounces of your favorite whiskey. Which is more than a fifth.

5. Square Engraved 5 Piece Whiskey Decanter Set

I love this unique design. A customer left a five-star review on this square decanter and said, "A beautiful set that makes a wonderful centerpiece for my table. Nice weight and wonderful to use."

This 5-piece whisky decanter is the perfect addition to your barware. It would make a great gift for the groomsman!

This Waterford set comes with a double old-fashioned glass. A true whiskey connoisseur would love this for Father's Day. It'll hold up to 32 ounces of whiskey and only weighs a pound. Perfect for lightweight bar carts.

It's a beautiful conversation piece.

7. Ravenscroft Crystal Buckingham Decanter

This 5-piece set comes with four glasses. A customer gave it a five-star review and said, "Bought this set as a gift, and had it engraved. Looks amazing... high quality product!"

Handwashing is recommended; it is not dishwasher safe!

Coming up with gift ideas for men can be hard, but if they love whiskey, you can bet that they'll like this decanter set. These diamond-shaped pieces are beautiful, and I love that it has a sturdy base. Pour up to 25 ounces of whiskey in it.

9. Premium Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

For under $80, this set can be yours. It comes with six old-fashioned glasses. That's a steal for a glass set this nice! The capacity is less than 10 ounces, making this a great option if you need something minimal.

Waterford's crystal decanter is beautiful. This is the perfect holiday gift for the loved one who prefers something more sleek and fancy over a monogram-style decanter. If they're not impressed by new drinkware and tumblers, then I bet they'll be happy with this pick.

Pour up to 25 ounces of Maker's Mark in it.

11. NutriChef Glass Glasses-750ml Barrel Whiskey Carafe

This $53 decanter has a wooden base stand, making it perfect for displaying on large desks. It comes with a decanter stopper and two whiskey glasses. An Amazon customer gave it five stars and wrote, "Very nice addition to my man cave. Love it"

If the special lady in your life prefers wine, then visit Amazon for wine decanters.

This post was originally published on August 27, 2020.