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7 Best Whiskey Gifts of Christmas 2021 That Are the Right Taste for Your Spirited Whiskey Drinker

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Whiskey drinkers are a mixed bunch. Some enjoy the nuance of sipping 80-year old spirits from Scotland through a snifter. Others don't need to do any nosing, they're happy with the consistency of good ol' Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. The way that these spirited sponges imbibe is different for every drinker. However, one thing is as stout as their highballs: If you're shopping for whiskey gifts, a goofy T-shirt isn't going to cut it.

It doesn't matter if you're gifting for Dad, Grandpa, or your favorite Beth Dutton wannabe. A gift for whiskey lovers should be as thoughtful and laid-back as their favorite firewater. This unique gift guide has everything your whiskey lover could want, from glassware to DIY-distilling ideas. Keep reading for a roundup of proper whiskey gifts that wow.

Best Christmas Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

1. Asobu Insulated Whiskey Glass and Stainless Steel Sleeve

Doesn't matter if they're drinking Maker's Mark Kentucky Bourbon or Bulleit Rye Whiskey: sipping spirits at a stable temperature is a big thing for whiskey drinkers. This insulated sleeve does that in a big way. A rubber ring seals the rock's glass into the insulated sleeve, and the only way it's getting out is when it's time for a refill.

It's a great stocking stuffer.

2. Whiskey Stones Gift Set Pack of 9 Whiskey Gift Set

Speaking of drink temperature, every connoisseur can agree that Irish whiskey is better over ice, right? Okay, maybe that's more of an opinion than a fact, but if your drinker prefers their cocktail on the rocks, consider these whiskey stones. They'll keep things cold without diluting any important tasting notes. Because unlike me, some people apparently drink Jameson for the flavor.

It's a great gift idea for the whiskey enthusiast under $13.

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3. Adoric Ice Cube Trays Silicone Set of 2

These ice cube molds are a cool option if your whiskey gift receiver doesn't want a cold stone in their cocktail. The food-grade silicone doesn't stick to the ice but instead squeezes out a nicely formed cube every time. Old fashioned, anyone?

This is Amazon's Choice for ice cube molds, making it one of the best gifts you can find on Amazon.

4. Personalized Shaped 5 piece Whiskey Decanter Set

Barware makes an especially great Father's Day gift because it's (inevitably) a gift you'll also get to enjoy yourself. Fill the decanter with a single malt scotch and toast yourself for coming up with such a brilliant idea. At first, this was a list of gifts for others. Now it's a list of gifts for others to enjoy with you.

5. 2 Liters American Oak Aging Whiskey Barrel

Now, maybe you're looking at these gifts and thinking, "These are all great options, but wouldn't a bottle from my loved one's favorite whiskey distillery be a surefire choice?" That may be true, but let's answer one question with another: What if your love wants to become their own favorite distiller?

This miniature cask is one way they can do it. The white oak barrel is perfect for aging their own spirits and will provide hours of DIY experimentation with whatever liquor they choose. It's more than just a bourbon barrel: this kit can be used for tequila and hot sauce, too—what a combo.

It's one of the best whiskey gifts that holiday gift recipients will cherish forever.

6. Mixology Bartender Kit: 10-Piece Bar Tool Set

A bartending gift box makes a great housewarming gift, and not just because it falls under that category of "gifts I can also enjoy." This 10-piece tool set looks good and enables your gift recipient to whip up a strong Manhattan or any other whiskey cocktail recipe they've got in mind.

Perfect for the home bar.

7. Godinger Cigar Whiskey Tumbler - Old Fashioned Rocks Glass

Scotch whisky and cigars are a combination that I've never been partial to, but this stogie rest is the perfect gift for anyone who prefers the pairing.

Check out more whiskey gifts on Amazon today. From specialty Glencairn snifter glasses to whiskey infusion kits, there is something for whiskey lovers of all types. Remember to cheers yourself for a job well done!

This post was originally published on August 21, 2021.