Irish People Try Texas Food
Screengrab via YouTube

Irish People Try Texas Food for the First Time

As a native Texan, I love Irish folks. They remind me of Texans. They're stubborn and fiercely independent, like we are. The good people at Facts'  YouTube channel decided to give Texan food a try, so they presented some Irish people with six different dishes and let them taste test each one. The results were, frankly, adorable.

We've gotta hand it to these guys because they did pretty well with their Texas food research. A couple of their dishes are on point, even if the execution isn't really exact.

The menu left a little something to be desired, though. For example, they chose mushroom soup, which... isn't a classic food here in the Lone Star State, as far as this native Texan knows. It really wasn't a hit, but we can't claim responsibility for that.

Other regional favorites in the taste test include chicken wings, pork ribs, chili and chicken fried steak. Had they tossed in some Texas BBQ, brisket and tacos, our taste-testers would've been too busy eating those delish options for the first time to practice bad, fake accents.

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Rounding out the meal was a slice of pecan pie. The pecan tree is the state tree of Texas for good reason. It's hard to mess up pecan pie, as it's mostly just pecans, Karo syrup and brown sugar. Even if it's a little runny and needs to be eaten with a spoon, pecan pie always hits the spot.

Now I wonder what Texans (or any Americans) would think of Irish food? How would we make sense of such Ireland staples as soda bread, colcannon and champ, boxty or barmbrack (even if descriptions online make them all sound pretty dang good)?

This post was originally published on October 4, 2017. 

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