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Is Starbucks Open on Christmas? Here Are Their 2023 Holiday Hours

Can you get your caffeine fix on Christmas morning? You're in luck.

Indulging in a warm cup of Starbucks goodness is a delightful treat. Whether you fancy the Peppermint Mocha or the Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte, there's a festive drink to savor when the weather gets chilly and the holidays roll in. What could be better than sharing a steaming cup of coffee with loved ones on Christmas?

Perhaps you're on a mission to bring home some lattes for the entire gang during the holidays. Or maybe you crave a caffeine boost before embarking on your Christmas Day travel plans. Either way, a trip to Starbucks would hit that spot wonderfully.

If your mind is consumed with thoughts of enjoying your beloved Starbucks blends in the 2023 holiday cups and satisfying your caffeine cravings, you might be pondering a crucial question: Will Starbucks be open on Christmas?

It's difficult to keep track of which restaurants and stores will be open on December 25. Walmart will be closed. Trader Joe's, too. McDonald's, however, will be open on Christmas. But what about Starbucks?

Whether you're just curious or orchestrating a day of festivities around the availability of your Starbucks fix, this information is key. Continue reading for insights into whether Starbucks will be open on Christmas and what the holiday schedule entails.

Is Starbucks Open on Christmas in 2023?

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You're in luck, Starbies faithful. All standalone Starbucks locations will be open on Christmas Day, but hours will vary. Be sure to call ahead before your visit or use the online store locator to check and see what the schedule will look like. This means that Starbucks in stores like Target will likely be closed, so long as the main store is closed too. Others will be operating with limited hours, so you'll have to plan accordingly. Most locations will be open regular hours on Christmas Eve as well, so if you've got some last-minute shopping to do, there should be plenty of opportunities to get your caffeine fix while out and about.

What Are Starbucks Hours Christmas in 2023?

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Most Starbucks locations should adhere to their regular operating hours, typically 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time. Others can open earlier and stay open even later. But Christmas means there might be a smaller crew, and less opportunity for longer hours — Starbucks employees want to spend time with family, too. So you may see a reduced schedule. Be sure to confirm before heading out so you don't get to a location last-minute or waste gas and get your hopes up.

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