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Is Walmart Open on Christmas? Here Are Walmart's Christmas Hours in 2023

Make sure to plan ahead this holiday season.

At times, the true spirit of Christmas hits you square in the midst of the holiday frenzy. No sprinkles for gingerbread cookies? Out of wrapping paper and bows? A quick trip to Walmart usually sorts out these last-minute hiccups. But what are Walmart's Christmas hours? Is Walmart even open on Christmas this year? If not, could this could potentially throw a wrench into your holiday plans, leaving you without a convenient spot for those unforeseen needs. Walmart has always been a reliable go-to for quick essentials, known for its nearly daily availability—except for a few holidays.

While some stores adjusted their hours during the aftermath of the COVID-19 era, Walmart typically stays open, with the exception of select holidays. However, this year might be a different story. With Walmart closed on Thanksgiving, the outlook for Christmas isn't too promising. And while the beloved Trader Joe's won't be open on Christmas, there are still plenty of grocery stores that will be.

Before you grab that shopping list and make a beeline for the door, take a moment to pause. Keep reading to figure out if you need to double and triple-check your holiday preparations this year and whether Walmart can step in to save the day if necessary. Read on for Walmart's Christmas hours.

Is Walmart Open on Christmas in 2023?

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Unfortunately, if you're hoping to be able to pop on over to Walmart on Christmas, you're going to be disappointed. The store will be closed on Christmas Day 2023. Store associates need some time with their families too! So try to get all the shopping you need finished ahead of time and enjoy the holiday, faults and all, at home.

Luckily, since Christmas Day falls on a Monday this year, you can count on Walmart opening up the following day. It should be operating on a normal schedule, but that varies from location to location. Be sure to call ahead and confirm hours before you visit. You can always use the online store locator as well to check before jumping in the car to handle all your returns or pick up some post-holiday discounts.

If you need something right before Christmas, like a quick surprise for the kids or milk and cookies for Santa, the good news is you should be able to visit on Christmas Eve. Despite being on Sunday, the retailer should be open at least on a limited schedule. Prep by getting everything you need and making a plan because if you miss out, Walmart won't have your back. Luckily, you can always visit CVS or another small convenience store that will likely have what you need as a backup.

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