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These Top-Rated Heated Toilet Seats Are the Thing Your Bathroom Has Been Missing

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Talking about the bathroom can be... well, awkward, but it doesn't always need to be. We all spend time there, and we all want our bathroom experiences to be pleasant, which is why a good toilet seat can make a huge difference. These heated toilet seats from Amazon have a host of cool features and are all super easy to install, making home improvement a breeze. It's much easier than changing out the faucet or countertops!

Whether you're looking for a new toilet seat for your home, cabin, RV, or office, these are all great options, and you'll wonder why you didn't think to invest in one before. No more cold toilet seats and pitch-black midnight trips to the loo, some of these toilet seats include features like nightlights, a control panel or remote controls, and bidets.

Best Heated Toilet Seats

1. Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat - Fits Elongated Toilets, White

Say goodbye to a cold toilet seat with this Brondell LumaWarm heated toilet seat. Featuring four temperature settings, the LumaWarm will keep you comfortable year-round. Nightlights illuminate the toilet bowl in the middle of the night. It's available to fit either round toilet seats or elongated toilet seats. It easily fits onto your existing toilet, you won't need a plumber or any special tools to replace your current seat. The LumaWarm is powered by a standard GFI wall outlet.

2. BEMIS Radiance Heated Night Light Toilet Seat will Slow Close and Never Loosen, ELONGATED, Long Lasting Plastic, White

With an LED nightlight, three temperature controls, and a no-slam toilet lid, this Bemis Radiance toilet seat from Amazon has everything you could ever wish for. Powered by a standard GFCI wall outlet, this $117 toilet seat fits all elongated toilets, including Kohler, American Standard, TOTO, and many more. It has bumpers to ensure a secure fit on the toilet bowl. There's a warranty included in case you aren't satisfied with your purchase, too.

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3. SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control- Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer and Temperature Controlled Wash Functions (White)

If you're ready to splurge and get yourself something super fancy, this SmartBidet electric bidet seat has a whole host of amazing features, including a heated toilet seat, remote controls, a warm air dryer, oscillating water features, a water temperature feature for warm water cleansing, water pressure adjustment options, and more. Say goodbye to scratchy toilet paper and hello to comfort!

Runner Up: Manual Bidet Seat

Kohler K-5724-0 Puretide Elongated Manual Bidet Toilet Seat, White With Quiet-Close Lid And Seat, Adjustable Spray Pressure And Position, Self-Cleaning Wand, No Batteries Or Electrical Outlet Needed

If you've been interested in trying out a bidet but aren't sure if you want an electric bidet seat or a smart toilet seat, this $113 Kohler manual bidet is a great option. Quick-release hinges allow the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning, so you won't need to call a plumber. The water pressure can be adjusted using intuitive controls, and this seat cover doesn't require any extension cords to operate.