Display Creepy Creatures on Your Home With This Halloween Projector

It's time to throw inflatable pumpkins, skeletons, and witches on the lawn! Get your neighborhood in the Halloween spirit with the best lawn decor. These pieces look fantastic, but if you're looking to wow your neighbors at night and truly have the spookiest house on the block, consider a Halloween projector.

Sure, they might walk past the jack-o'-lanterns, Halloween signs, and other decor during the day and think, "nice decor," but once the sun sets and they see the difference a Halloween projector makes, they'll be rushing to get one too.

These projectors cast scary figures that look like ghosts, bats, and more.

Best Projectors for the Spookiest House on the Block

halloween projector

Look at that spooky jack-o'-lantern. Yep, I'm totally going to convince my mom to get this projector. This is the Halloween equivalent of having a beautiful Christmas tree glowing by a window during winter evenings.

Trick-or-treaters are going to love the window projection! My favorite spec is the sound. The projector kit is pre-loaded with creepy sounds to give a spooky feel, perfect for your Halloween party. Not only is it great for Halloween, but it'll come in handy for other holiday decorations.

It includes eight Halloween scenes, four Christmas scenes, one birthday scene, one dinosaur scene, one Thanksgiving scene, and one Easter scene.

Digital decorating is the way to go, y'all.

2. Halloween Decorations Lights Outside Lights Projector Led Light for Halloween Home Party Garden Landscape Wall Decorations

halloween decorations

This mini projector is a good pick if you want a light show indoors. You can use it outside, but consider it for indoor use too! It's not too bulky, and who doesn't love holiday lights inside? Make your home feel like a haunted house with these Halloween lights as you watch Hocus Pocus for the 100th time.

Place it on the ground, table, or mount it to the wall! You can buy the portable projector used for under $10.

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3. Sunolga Halloween Projector Lights Outdoor, 16 Slides Ocean Wave Projector with Remote Control, Waterproof Outdoor/Indoor Projector Light for Halloween Xmas Birthday Party

halloween projector

This $23 LED projector is weatherproof, making it perfect for rainy climates. It comes with a remote, so control it from indoors to change the pattern and speed. And yes, it's also a Thanksgiving and Christmas projector!

For more outdoor Halloween decorations and movie projectors, visit Walmart.

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Display Creepy Creatures on Your Home With This Halloween Projector