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7 Gifts for History Buffs That They Will Remember for All Time

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We all know a history nerd with an uncanny intellect that should've qualified them to work for National Geographic by now. They're the anchors that hold down our pub trivia teams, the history teachers who guided us through lessons about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. The details of history teach us about the world. Finding a gift for history buffs doesn't have to be an archaic process.

This gift guide covers the ages: Seafaring Vikings to Ancient Rome to the battles of World War II, there is a creative idea for whatever era your chronologer likes to cover. No matter what your reason for shopping is, these gifts are a great way to write a new record with the historians in your life.

Best Gift Ideas for History Buffs

1. Funny Thomas Jefferson American History Teacher Student Gift History T-Shirt

This T-shirt will definitely get a laugh from the history buff who knows a lot about George Washington, John Adams, and the American Revolution. Ask them why the Broadway show about Alexander Hamilton didn't mention that his political nemesis procrastinated the Declaration of Independence.

2. A History of the World in 6 Glasses

A history teacher in high school once recommended me this title. In reality, that was only 10-years ago, but it feels like an eon has passed! This unique charting of history around the world through beverages has been a bestseller for history book lovers since it was published in 2009. Something tells me that several of these drinks actually resulted in the greatest stories never told.

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3. 2022 History Channel This Day in History Calendar: 365 Remarkable People, Extraordinary Events, and Fascinating Facts (Daily Calendar, Office Desk Gift)

A calendar of historical events is a great gift idea that gives back every day of the year. Fill your history buffs appetite for affairs with 365 facts about influential people through the ages, the events that shaped our world, and the amazing things that humans have done over the course of time.

4. Boat Viking, Bookends for Shelves, Book Ends for Office, Modern Bookends for Desk and Bookshelves, Metal Bookends, Heavy Duty Metal Black Bookend Support, Creative Book Ends.

If your loved one could spend all day in the Smithsonian learning about ancient events, then this Viking ship bookend is the ideal conversation starter. As far as gifts for history buffs go, this one is a functional piece that can hold up all the resources your archivist has accrued. Viking longships were highly organized. Centuries later so is your bookshelf.

5. Warning May Start Talking About History Mug For History Teacher, Reading History Lover Coffee Mug Gift Teacup

When you give this history gift to your favorite teacher or student of the past, refer to it as the Boston Tea Party. Once the caffeine begins flowing, the impromptu lectures will surely start, especially if a history lover fills it up with something stouter. Then you might be looking at a full-blown conversation on the Whiskey Rebellion.

6. Ides of March Pen and Pencil Holder - Julius Caesar Office Desk Accessory

Julius Caesar is one of the most historical figures in all of human history, so you'd think there would be plenty of serious presents that focus on his prominent rise through Rome. Instead, we get this creatively unique gift that makes a joke from the story of his demise. Gift a stocking stuffer like this, and you'll surely end up with better friends than Caesar.

7. Axis & Allies WWII 1942 Board Game Second Edition

Military history buffs are a different breed, and the things you gift them should be as well. For those who study World War II, the perfect gift is engaging and interactive. This board game gives casual and serious historians the chance to walk through the world's greatest conflict without all the destruction of that era. Unless they're competitive, that is. I know I've certainly had games of Risk that have gotten pretty heated, so we'll see how this one goes.

These gifts for history buffs can all be found on Amazon, along with so much more. Modern humans have been around for nearly 200,000 years— you can find a gift idea from every era!