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Portable Beds That Will Give Your Guests A Great Night's Sleep

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If you're hosting guests, you might not have enough space (or bedrooms) to fit everybody — so many people end up sleeping on a couch or sharing a bed with family members. Even if you have no extra guest rooms for overnight stays, there are better options that that or pulling out a couple of blankets and pointing to the floor. A portable bed is a great solution to allow people to sleep comfortably even if the guest room or the pull-out couch is already taken.

These portable beds from Amazon are great for giving your guests a comfortable night's sleep, and some of them can double as a camping bed or even as a toddler bed before you move them to a new, permanent bed. It's always a good idea to have one of these around in a closet, attic, or storage space — because they take up such little room, and who hasn't had a guest suddenly need a place to crash for a night? Here are some great options for portable beds you can take with you on a camping trip or leave in your house for extra space. Your guests will thank you!

1. If You Have Some Extra Storage Space, A Rollaway Bed Is Ideal

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed Twin Size - with Memory Foam Mattress - Amazon, $379.99

This Milliard rollaway bed has a sturdy metal frame and is a great folding guest bed that you can keep tucked away in an attic or basement. It has memory mattress on top for ultimate comfort and the supportive base will leave your guests feeling extra refreshed in the morning. This foldable option has a sturdy bed frame that can support up to 300 pounds, and is a fantastic bed you can use in your spare room. Assembly only takes around 15 minutes, and it's easy to disassemble as well. One reviewer even writes: "Can I just say that this "temporary" bed is more comfortable now than my own bed?"

2. A Classic Air Mattress Option

SLEEPLUX Durable Inflatable Air Mattress - Amazon, $55.57

We've raved about this bed before. It's made from top-quality materials, with three layers that will make sure the bed keeps its form. The air mattress supports your shoulders and back, no matter the sleep position you sleep in. The blow-up mattress has easy inflation — with the push of a button, it will inflate in five minutes, thanks to the built-in electric pump! After using, deflate it and store it in the included bag to clear up space in the guest room or living room. We love that this bed has a USB port, too — this gives your guests a chance to charge a smartphone as they sleep. The mattress also includes a repair patch in case of a puncture (try to keep pets off it since claws can cause it to deflate).

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3. This Unique Folding Mattress

Olee Sleep Tri-Folding bed - Amazon, $80.75

This folding mattress makes for a fantastic and easy to store guest bed. It easily folds to take up no space, and The tri-fold design makes for easy storage, and it can even be folded up once to provide additional seating for guests. You'll most likely need a mattress topper if you're having guests stay more than one night, but it's still a comfortable and supportive night's sleep.

4. A Roll-Away Tatami Floor Mat

Maxyoyo Tatami Mat - Amazon, $179.99

This Tatami floor mat — also known as a futon — is almost 10 centimeters thick and incredibly comfortable. This particular model comes in a lot of fun colorways and is made with memory foam for a wonderful night's sleep. For the price, it comes with a dust-proof cover, a repair kit, and a storage bag. We love this because it rolls up super easily, and is the most fun option for sleepovers since it can double as a play mat during the day. One reviewer writes: "

This post was originally published on July 20, 2021.