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6 of the Best Air Mattresses That Are Actually Comfortable

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An air mattress is something everyone should have on hand. Whether it's for hosting more guests than you have beds, using as a temporary bed for things like moving, or even using it to camp with, we guarantee they'll come in handy sometime. Growing up, we always had one in the storage closet for overnight guests, and we used them for sleepovers, family visits and even movie nights in the living room. We also recommend having an air mattress compatible with your car, truck, or SUV. Even if you don't car camp, it could come in handy as survival gear if you ever have to camp overnight unexpectedly. After all, heavy traffic and bad weather happens, and it wouldn't hurt to nap in your car in a safe and designated rest area for a few hours. Regardless of its use, an air mattress never goes to waste. But there's another thing we kept in mind when picking our favorites: if the air mattresses are actually comfortable. I know air mattresses aren't always known for their comfortability, but with all the options out there, there's no reason your night shouldn't be anything but cozy. We rounded up some of the best air mattresses for any scenario and every size we could find. Choose one of our picks for the best air mattress, and your guests and family will never stop thanking you for the excellent night of sleep.

1. Best King-Sized Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress - Amazon, $174.95

Our pick for the best king-sized option will give you some of the best sleep you've ever had on an air mattress. The mattress reaches full inflation in six minutes and stays inflated for days. The extra-thick flocked top is waterproof, and the grip on the bottom will prevent you from slipping and sliding around on the mattress. The air coils ensure extra support at night and prevent it from deflating as you sleep on it. The mattress is made of top-quality, eco-friendly PVC that's puncture resistant. The flocked top is waterproof, too. Your guests are going to rave about this mattress, and we love the little details like the raised edges (so you don't feel like you'll roll onto the ground) and included carry bag. Don't even stress about not having a guest room — this air mattress on the living room floor will provide so much comfort. One reviewer writes: "This has got to be the greatest air mattress in the world." For under $200, it's the one to snag.

2. Best Queen-Sized Air Mattress

King Koil Luxury Queen Air Mattress - Amazon, $129.95

King Koil promises this luxury option is the last air mattress you will ever buy. With over 28,000 positive ratings, we think they are right. This model reaches full inflation in under two minutes with the included built-in pump, and it holds air well. As always, inflate to your preference (use more air for extra firmness) — and it's easy to let a little air out if you're not happy with the firmness. Plus, if you want more proof that this is a comfy option, it's recommended by the International Chiropractors Association, making this a great pick for a painless sleep with no aches in the morning. The fully-flocked mattress has a built-in pillow in case you forget yours. Use this mattress indoors or outdoors for camping trips, and it does have a waterproof quilt top. On the rare chance it does get punctured, use the patch kit to repair it.

3. Best Twin-Sized Air Mattress

SLEEPLUX Durable Inflatable Air Mattress - Amazon, $55.57

Our pick for the best twin bed is a high-quality air mattress from Sleeplux. This one is our favorite because of the built-in USB charger. Yep — you can charge a phone from the bed, so this top pick will not only give people a chance to "recharge", but it'll also recharge their devices! Sleepers will also get a good night's sleep thanks to the construction. There are three durable layers, so the bed will keep its form — two of which are made from durable PVC, so you'll have back and shoulder support. The blow-up mattress is easy to inflate — with the push of a button, your mattress will be ready to use in around five minutes, thanks to the built-in electric pump. After using, deflate it and store it in the included storage bag. The mattress also includes a repair patch in case of a puncture (try to keep pets off it).

4. The Best Camping Mattress

Sleepingo Sleeping Pad for Camping - Amazon, $39.99

Forget sleeping bags, bring an inflatable sleeping pad on your next camping trip. We love this because it rolls up to the size of a water bottle, inflates in around 15 breaths, and the twin-size mattress provides 2-inches of sturdy sleep support. It even comes with a storage bag to keep it secure and in your car. It's tear-resistant, made from heavy-duty fabric, and waterproof, so the toughest of elements won't stop you from sleeping outdoors. The mattress reviews are fantastic — nearly 30,000 people are giving it excellent ratings and praise. Reviewers also note that this option never went flat and was comfortable throughout the night — and after years of use. Just have a comfy inflatable camping pillow ready. We rounded up our favorites here.

5. Best Splurge for A Camping Mattress

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo - Amazon, $137.69

Here's the closest thing you'll get to bringing your bed to the campsite. The queen-sized air mattress is the ultimate camping bed for those who need back support or suffer from back pain — or, hey, just want to be really comfortable when they're camping! Not only is it firm and comfy, but it also comes with a steel frame that keeps you off the ground. Bring fitted sheets and your good camping pillows — and make this a glamping experience you'll never forget. The mattress itself is heavy-duty and puncture-resitant, and it can hold up to 600 pounds. You can use the included battery operated pump or bring your own, and it comes in twin and queen.

6. Best Car Mattress

Wey & Fly SUV Backseat Air Mattress - Amazon, $72.98

If you have a large SUV or truck, consider a larger mattress. This SUV backseat mattress is made from non-toxic PVC material that doesn't have an odor, is cold-resistant, and has a breathable layer that will keep you comfy so you can stay asleep all night. The mattress comes with an air pump — plug it into your car cigarette lighter holder to pump air into the nozzle. Up to three people can sleep on it, but a neat aspect of this model is that you can partially inflate it for one person. It's not as packable as a sleeping pad but still small enough to fit into your trunk. Feel free to also use it as an air mattress for indoors.

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